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Supercharge Changes in Life

business man
What do you want?


In relationship?


In career?

How does your mind work?

What are with all these thoughts?

What can we do about things in life that we want to change?

The 3.1 pound mass in your skull is the brain, the physical organ that takes all inputs and directs and produces outputs in your body.

Your mind is your awareness of all these processes and is the avenue for you to gain more control and direction over these processes.

What we call thoughts are simply electrical impulses in the brain that your mind interprets as thoughts.

In other words the brain is the physical organ of the mind. And the mind is the consciousness of the brain. For those who tend to ponder these things consider the chicken and egg paradox when it comes to the brain and mind 😉

At its base operation the brain is a biological computer. It takes input from the amazingly designed intertwined systems that make up our physical body; the nervous system, respiratory system, endocrine system,  blood system, musculature system, on and on… we have truly amazing human systems.

The importance of your brain

The way your brain is programmed is based on your family, education and life experiences. All that you have learned and experienced in life caused your brain to be programmed to do life they way you currently do it. The way you get up out of a chair is a brain program. The way you think/feel/behave in romantic relationships is a mental program. It is very specifically programmed for all the specifics you do in  life.

Consider this: Every single act that you take, every thought you think and every feeling you feel is a result of the current mental programs running in your brain. Left unchanged people will experience their lives with the same thoughts/feelings/actions they have always had which yields the same life they have always had.

How interesting does that sounds?

Would you choose something more for yourself?

How do I make a change in my life?

If you want to have a different life, a different feeling, a different relationship or a different anything it takes new software for your brain. If you want to behave differently in a situation you need new brain software. If you want to have a different type of romantic relationship it takes new software to re-program your brain. It sounds simple and it is… but how

You can’t just go to and buy new mental software? Or can you…

When you need your annual antivirus/web protection software update for your computer what do you do? You can either go to the store to buy the new software or you can find it online to download it. Then you install it. [Remember you can contact me to get the software since I still do some computer consulting.]


Brain software
Brain software

Where do you go to get new mental software to re-program your brain with?

You get new software by making it up from the different inputs that are available to you. You can observe someone you know who has that type of relationship you desire to have. Notice what she says about it? How does she behave? What does he seem to think about himself when it comes to this relationship? What thoughts must someone be having who has the type of relationship you desire?

Remember that we are in relationship with every single thing, item, possession, animal and person in our life. We have relationships with them. AND we have relationships with our self.

I also assist people in creating new software. When someone comes to me we take a brief evaluation of what their experiences, thoughts, behaviors and feelings are in that particular relationship that he or she desires to change. Then I assist you in finding out what you really want… what you want to choose to think/ feel/ behave/ experience in that relationship. We will then select different techniques for you to be able to input the new software. Audio recordings, guided mental directions, meditative, others.

Re-Programming using Both Modes of Brain Operation

But there is something so much more to consider. Most coaches and therapists do not help your WHOLE brain be educated. This is the key to quickening your changes.

Because your mind has at least two modes of operation getting new software installed takes more diligence than just putting in a CD on your computer. The primary mode that people are accustomed to is the Outer Action Mode (left hemisphere – logical) where your senses are engaged and you are doing regular life. By reading affirmations regularly and taking part in forward-moving discussions in this mode you help to make changes.

Supercharge your Affirmations

In the Inner Creation Mode (ICM) of your brain operation you can supercharge the programming by using your Imagination. The methodologies I teach clients access this mode in many ways. This is where neuroscience shows that your brain’s programs (as seen in neurons and synapses) literally change while you are doing these practices.


Start making changes
Start making your desired changes Now

Start today

Write out what you desire to have in a particular relationship in your life; career, romance, money, auto, home, service, etc… Make it clear and simple statements that uplift your energy when you read them. Write them as if this is already how you are.

Read them regularly

Meditate and envision them being real.

Contact me when you want some help; skype, phone, google voice, in-person, whatever works.