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Turn a Downward Spiral in Life Around

rabbit-hole-flyer downward spiral in life
How do you stop a downward spiral?

One must change the inner self to permanently change the direction life has been taking.

Life is best lived from the inside out.


A man called me for some assistance with his business. it had been very lucrative until the tragedy of 9/11. That day it starting going south. By the time he called me he had run through his savings, was behind on all bills including a mortgage and his wife, mother and kids lived with him. It was understandably scary.

He was familiar with mental focus, self relaxation and creative visualization – he had a home-study program* but it was not really changing things for him. This is typical.

It is always more impactful when someone who is trained in human development skills as a guide to help us in change.

We started with one specific thing… for him to be able to go out with his equipment and get work. It is a business that he can find paying clients anytime of day or night. BUT in the last ten years of a downward spiral he had developed this belief that when he goes out that he does NOT find any paying clients.

This is where we start. To make a change pick a specific aspect of life that would make a noticeable and measurable difference in life if it were to get better. For him it is to start to making some money and believe in himself and his business again.

We worked with very specific details of what it looks, sounds, feels like when:

  • He is hired
  • He is thanked
  • He is paid

And, how does he feel with his business working?

He created specific scenes in his imagination for these moments. I suggested a routine of this and for listening to my Quantum Relaxation CD that trains the mind to be at the effective level for creative visualization to reprogram one’s brain and heart to be wired for what one desires in life.

We shifted again because I was detecting that there was a spiritual split within himself. We discussed that, he got clearer about the relationship between him, money and his spirit. I did a Spiritual Mind Treatment which aligns a person’s consciousness to their true nature. I recorded this and emailed it to him.

He called me excited a few days later to tell me what had happened.

Just 3 to 4 hours after that session he got his highest paying client in many months plus that client ended up hiring him for more than a month; the longest duration of service than he had had in many months.

Also, he had been listening to the spiritual mind treatment mp3 file which always brought him a great sense of peace.

He told me that he had a traffic ticket that he disagreed with but the DA would not listen to him. He had been afraid to go to court because of what might happen so he kept postponing the court date.

He listened to that treatment one evening and after it this wave of peace and well-being came over him. He knew in that moment there was nothing to worry about and everything will work out great. So, he trusted that. Went to court and the ticket was dismissed by the judge.

He has a sense of new hope.

Find a way out, up a ladder
Lean on an experienced inner empowerment coach to grow naturally in the way you desire your life to become.

With some of this beginning success the downward spiral energy has begun to shift. Also, he was now motivated to do what I prescribed to him with the daily routine and weekly additions.

I am so happy for him and happy I can assist.

—-* I am familiar with the home-study course he mentions above since I used to teach those classes live. It is very well done but there is not enough CD time to get into enough specificity to help him more quickly make the changes  he was ready for and needed. Sometimes we need someone outside of our self to be able to help.


“Alter the person in the mirror to make permanent change. That’s my expertise.”

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Dr. Huerta after a ONE Transform Session

We have the power and can adjust our energies to be in alignment with what we want. Doing this with an effective and strong focus cuts right through your personally held obstacles, known and unknown, to get you into the place to get very specific answers to what you want.

A ONE Transform session actually causes a Quantum Shift in life… in just 2 hours. It is experiential utilizing your brain, mind, body-centered intelligence and soul intelligence causing a transformation.

My friend, Dr. Huerta had this reaction. I wish I would have had a flip camera for after his first session that moved him to his core. But here this one is…

When we focus on the end result and are not distracted by obstacles and challenges we create what we want. When we focus on the obstacles, the reasons and excuses that we cannot achieve it, the pains, etc then we create more of that.

This proprietary combination of three powerful personal achievement techniques plus a new one taps multiple personal power centers to cause a direct experience of shifting into that new reality in the session.

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Collective Consciousness Makes you go hmm Private Sessions Self Empowerment Skills for a Better Life Videos Who We Are

Spiritually Alignment Causes Fast Changes

Mind Technology | Curious Mind News YouTube channel –

Benefit of getting Aligned with your True Nature using a Spiritual Mind Treatment

When you align your consciousness to the level that is what you want then your life shits to match it. When you stand in your truth the universe matches that for you.

This video has a special offer at the end.

Additional client results are at