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Specials: Time Regression Session, CD, Customized Mind Training…

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Current Specials to Help you find YOUR Heaven on Earth

Find a way out, up a ladder

Solutions to find Your Heaven on Earth



Craft Your Statement of BEing

Change Your Perspective of YourSelf  => Life will change accordingly

When you make clear choices on who you are and focus your mind on this you gradually and effortlessly alter your self image. Self Image is the lens through which we see life and allow life’s good to come into us.

THE Stress Management Training & Long Relax

Use for extremely deep physical and mental relaxation and for exercising genius faculties of your mind.

Use for training your genius mind faculties

Use for de-stressing quicker and quicker

Custom: Personalized Mental Guided Cycle Audio to Train Your Mind to Achieve Your Specific Desires

Choose the goal you want or the inner state you desire. We will work that then customize and create a personalized mental and heart focusing cycle for you and your desired results. This will be recorded in MP3 format and emailed to you.

Time Regression for Self Realization

This may be to an earlier time in this life or much further back in time.

Unseat a deep-seated fear

Discover to release a lingering issue – one that is like a burr in your saddle, so to speak

Move from pain pushing to vision pulling you in life

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