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TV Star talks about useful meditation

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A great example of how a TV star uses meditation to succeed.

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I just watched an interview with Tom Bergeron on Good Morning America. He says that he began meditating in his twenties to handle an anger problem. Now he says that before he hosts Dancing with the Stars he meditates while everyone else is frantic and bothered with glitches and problems. He said that he opens up to the possibilities of what might happen in the show (this is being Present In the NOW) and is his most relaxed of his day while he is actually hosting the show. Others consider him the fastest-thinking TV show host. I can understand this. This is the way we are designed to operate.

Hmmm…  This an abject lesson in what I talk about in the Silva Method classes. When we meditate we are opening up and accessing our right hemisphere, the Creative Mind. This is the Mind that has no limits including time and space. It is plugged into the Infinite Potential. To be scientific, this is when we tap into the Quantum Intelligence of which we are a droplet of the whole ocean, so to speak.

In the Relax Your Way to Success class I’m teaching on April 25th I am teaching people to go enter this Dimension of the Mind. In three hours learn the detrimental effects of stress and learn how to de-stress the mind and body on cue. Doing this is entering a meditation state of mind.

Spend some time in a meditative state of mind. It’s good for you.

Here’s a great talk about the hemispheres of your brain by a doctor in brain science:

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