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Mastering Life – What does it take?

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Gaining mastery in life is a lifelong pursuit taken up by those who have that deep inner drive to do more and BE more.

The only thing my mind was focused on was this race said Michael Phelps, our amazing American swimmer at the Olympics aiming to break his second all-time Olympic record as he continues to break world records.

The more effectively focused your mind is on the task at hand the better you can manage it to create a desired outcome. Life can be seen, simplistically, as a series of tasks that you manage. There is a task to go to sleep: get ready for bed, lie down, close your eyes, quiet your mind and drift off into healthy and natural sleep. Each duty you have for your job is a task that can be handled well or poorly. Going out for your regular exercise is a task. If you have a headache and want to get rid of it naturally then you have identified a task. If you have an undesirable reaction in certain situations then identify the response you would rather have. The task is now to replace the reaction with your desired response. All of this is accomplished by programming your mind in the right frequency, using the right eye angle and giving clear precise commands. 

What we know is that the mind is essentially a biological computer. When given instructions, whether vague or clear, whether uncertain or confident, accompanied by a good or bad feeling, the mind responds accordingly and says ‘yes, I’ll do that’. This is the beauty of learning specific instructions to provide your mind to better manage tasks. The Silva Method has been researching and providing these mind skills to millions of people for decades. 

Note that there are many nuances to gaining mastery as there is no end line. There is always something more to learn… as long as the desire is strong enough. It is a process of getting better and better.

What do you want to accomplish? How do you want to improve your life? Since your mind is the guiding factor to all of your life these skills work for accelerating your health, advancing your career, improving your education, deepening your relationships, excelling at your sport and enhancing your creativity. For a list of the Life Skills the Silva Life System provides please visit this site.

Where your mind goes your life flows.

A beginning point to gaining mastery is to tame your mind, learn the skills to direct it. If you are curious about delving into this for your own life then contemplate these questions.
Remember: When you ask the right question you get the right answer.

What are your thoughts before you undertake a task?
  Are they thoughts that lead you to a successful and desire outcome?

Are you aware of any thoughts that you have before a task?
  They are happening. Sometimes we do things on autopilot and are no longer aware of these thoughts.

Do you consciously choose a desired outcome or do you let life dictate outcomes?
  Did anyone tell you that you can choose your thoughts OR make them up if they are not success oriented?
  The exciting news is: You can!

Consider someone who you think handles this type of task very well.
  Then ask yourself: What must that person be thinking?
  Adopt these thoughts as your own. Choose to think them for your own life.

What emotions are you feeling about the upcoming task?
  Did you know that your emotions are your internal guidance system that tell you whether your thoughts are in alignment with your desires?

What your mind thinks as you build up to doing a task lays the path for that task to unfold.
  The life-changing opportunity is to take back control and direct your own mind. 

Witness more of your world… Choose a new thought 

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