To Michael Jackson… a Bright Bright Star Amongst Us

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I scheduled today as a day off for me. With my increased busy-ness teaching on weekends I needed a day of rejuvenation. Of course, my slow day is writing some blog posts, doing some announcements and a few other things like writing a talk I’m giving in San Antonio this Sunday.

But today is set aside to cleanse my body and to honor Michael Jackson.

I am doing one of Dr. Joseph Huerta’s One-Day Detox Teas to cleanse my liver and get my body alkaline again. And I am watching the memorial service for Michael Jackson. Of course, there are tears involved when I’m cleansing and remembering someone who had a huge impact on my life… from a distance, yet seemingly from within.

We are one year different in age and I remember One Bad Apple; I always had to hear that song on the radio when I was 10/11. Then fast forward to me living overseas when his Thriller album and music video came out. I actually bought that black jacket with inlaid red that he wore in that video. I wore it proudly; why did I give that away? I danced to all of his songs in various cities in the US, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Austria and other places.

Then when he and the other star singers sang We are the World with all the heart possible for all the world to be as one… Another song I requested be played over and over from Houston radio stations… and shed tears many times through it.

And I say ‘then, again’ as he was always topping himself as a creative genius and a bright star for the world… but when he sang Man in the Mirror. Oh my God. I was in the process of doing some deep deep soulful searching with a master teacher at that time… and this song was the lyrics of personal growth, personal responsibility and personal empowerment… leading to world enrichment.

How can such a bright star be taken from us so soon?

Did it shine too brightly and burn itself out? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. It’s Divine Timing.

He was a powerful spiritual being on this planet singing the way for all peoples to be as a family to each other. And we see how well the world responded to this challenging concept; challenging to our fears, that is.

He was a bright star, is a bright star and will always be a bright star through his legacy of creative genius, his songs with lyrics of inspiration and his willingness to be as he was created to be: A loving, caring, shining bright star.

Bless you. You are loved!

I want to say ‘I love you’ to him even though I didn’t personally know him. Then I remember what Frank Natale used to say. When you tell someone that you love them you are actually saying that you love who you are when you are with them.

So, I say to Michael Jackson:
I love you for showing me how to love myself through your artistry and your essence.
Bless You. Be at Peace.

One reply on “To Michael Jackson… a Bright Bright Star Amongst Us”

I just got home from hearing you speak, which was a great experience.

I had to comment on this because you mentioned Dr. Joseph Huerta’s detox tea!! Dr. Huerta is the only doctor I call when, if ever, I have a health problem.
What an amazing synchronicity. I take this as a sign that I am in the right place at the right time.

I wanted to say something about Stars if I may, and you are free to think it’s silly.

It is said that every person has a Star as their Throne should they raise up to their full potential.
This would explain so many stars and only one Earth.

Emotions have a star related to them also. When “hate” dies, it’s star will die as well.
When you pass on, if you have not reached your Full Potential, your star dies with you.

I am not worried about Michael because I am sure he has taken his Star as his Throne and maybe his Light will reach us in a billion years or so, when a New Michael is ready to be born. : )

I know this sounds silly, but it is most likely where the human fascination with “becoming a Star” came from.
Everybody wants to be a Star. This is true because everybody wants to reach their full potential.

– James Hernandez
*Mem Key*

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