Frequency Match or Mismatch? Hmm

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The energy difference dictates all relationships. This difference is why each and everyone one of your relationships go the distance or lasts only for a moment.

You have a close best friend and suddenly she clams up. Or he gets with your closest friend.

It’s all a frequency match or mismatch.

You are in a committed relationship and suddenly you no longer feel you are in sync with him or her anymore.

You have a great job for years and are successful doing it. Then you feel a shift like you are beginning to feel separate from it. You have changed something about who you are. The company did not change.

Same with your career. This is my story.

I worked hard for my electrical engineering degree from Texas A&M University. It enabled me to live my childhood dream. I was placed in the Far East and had continual adventures that this sagittarius loves to experience.

Same with material items.

Same with anything, material or unseen, animate or inanimate.

Shift your vibratory frequency and all of life has to rebalance to adjust to the new you. I am intrigued by this. Of course, I am an electrical engineer and see everything in life vibrating unseen frequencies.

So how do you change your vibratory frequency? Great question.

Generate curiosity by asking ‘How do I change my vibration’?

This is the most effective way to generate change. It draws to you ideas, answers, open doors, and resources that match the frequencies of your curiosity generated thoughts that you choose to you hold on you mind and heart.

Meditate, read the right books, walk a labyrinth… anything that makes you calm and peaceful works

The way I began this was to ask myself while in the shower what new idea do I want to draw to me for my benefit?

I would remind myself through the week my question. Each time I was regenerating that curious energy to draw to me ideas.

And you are directing your mind and heart on the path you choose. You are the commander of your life. Take command.

Find Your Peaceful Space to Go Deep Within & Find Source Within
Love long and prosper


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