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Ponder the Infinite

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May 5 2022

“Here and now, we are surrounded by, and immersed in, an Infinite Good. How much of this Infinite Good is ours? All of It! And how much of it may we have to use? As much of It as we can embody.”

* Dr. Ernest Holmes. Founder of Science of Mind Philosophy

Go to your relaxing spot

Light a candle

Do some deep breathing

Allow your mind and heart to connect to this Infinite Field of Good

Release all perceived limitations

Ponder that hidden whisper.

Let it to unfold within your heart

Watch it unfold into your vision and destiny

Imagine doing It and becoming It

You have now initiated change

Pat your self on your back


You have chosen to lead your life

You have left the haze of normality

You are now one of the rare people on this planet

Keep going

Lead humanity

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