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Mental Toughness

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I saw a report about how Vancouver, Canada, where the winter olympics are being held in 3 days, is not having enough snow. They talked about what they’re doing to get the mogul track ready with trucked-in snow.

Then they asked the athletes what they thought about the situation. There are two points that I thought were transferable to what we all learn about causing change in life.

Each one of them said the Olympic Organizers know how to handle that situation; i.e. they trust them. And their job (the athlete’s) is to show up and do what they do best…their sport.

This is a similar idea to how you create something in your life:

  • Step 1: Ask for what you desire (Clarify, Claim and Visualize what you desire)
  • Step 2: NOT your job
  • Step 3: Become the person who receives what you are visualizing daily.

Are you trusting that step 2 is not your job?

Do not limit the opportunities that come to you by thinking that you know how it is best for it to come to you. Step 2 is where you allow the Universe, your Source, the Infinite Potential to bring to you the best way for you to proceed. This is not as mystical as it may come across here and in classes this is made clearer.

Point 2 was given by one of the athletes. He said it does not matter how good they make the course with snow. The athlete with the greater mental toughness will win.

That’s when my teacher/student light bulb went off…

Mental Toughness is a term indicating how focused you remain on your desired outcome without being distracted by anything that is not that.

How focused are you?

How often do you let your attention be distracted to what is not working?

What can you do to increase your Mental Toughness?

Remember: You are in control of your thoughts and you were born with the Power of Attention. Where you focus your attention is the direction in life you are heading.

What you think is a choice… always.

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