From Engineer to…

I have become someone I never would have ever imagined who has massive amounts of healing energy running through me and directly guiding me. I get to witness regular miracles in clients and always noticeable progress. It is common that in a coaching session, as I’m listening with one ear to the client and the other ear to the intuitive mind, that I will receive a  whole mental and heart-felt package of what is going on with some new idea of what to do that helps the client heal from it or manage it or whatever is called for.

I am amazed and constantly humbled by what is going on. And I know it happens because of decades of learning, training and practicing. And sometimes it happens through me which is a whole other blogpost.

Every single person who has the inner calling to do this sort of training will be slowly opened up from within by using the brain and heart in different ways and expanding them in ways that society does not typically teach. Your spirit will be freed. Your intuition and creativity will open continuously to become available on cue. Eventually the energies will start to open up within you and do sort of an activation of your personal power.

I teach this in classes, in private sessions and will mentor this when someone has the commitment and curiosity.

My Trainings for Flowing Energies that assist the Body’s natural self-healing
& Doing Intuitive Energy Massages that Shift

*Always Some Immediate Result, Change in Life

  • Francis the Healer Training, 9 months, Amazing results
    He was trained by Sai Baba, who Indians believe is a descended God.
    This training added a few more dimensions to my abilities to sense details from within the energies of people and the environment and to connect people to their Inner Light.
  • Mind+ Focused Medical Intuition and Sending Corrective Energies
    *I have to credit this type of training with my constantly evolving creativity from just a logical engineer. Superb!
  • Energy Connected Face & System Feedback to Bring Forth Answers from Multiple Body Intelligence Centers
    * 99% of the time I and the client notice an immediate mental, emotional, energetic shift within the person as he or she has found new ideas that are incredibly fulfilling. PLUS these answers come with the various energies that we receive constantly from Life.
  • Spiritual Mind Treatment for often activating direct change in life. From the Science of Mind spiritual philosophy, Centers for Spiritual Living, used to be called Religious Science. A Spiritual Based Inner Empowerment System. The fundamental healing approach is to listen for and identify a client’s false belief where s/he thinks s/he cannot have or cannot be someone greater in life aspect of their Divine Authority.

And the most superb training began more than six years ago. To some this may sound fanciful and as you read this remember my degree is in electrical engineering. I have my wits about me and exceled as I lived and worked in the Far East, Middle East, Western Us and Texas. I truly feel like I can explain logically why this is happening and a little bit as to the how; I’m sure there will be future blogposts.

In around 2009 I had a sudden career change, to put it nicely 🙂  I went into meditation which is so easy once you practice it regularly with layers of benefits. I heard some direction for the very first time, as to learning/developing a new skill, from my inner voice/guidance. I’ve heard bold steps to take before and they always turn out great. So, I had to trust this.

My question was: What am I to schedule for next month’s Meetup in San Antonio (because I suddenly stopped teaching what I had been teaching for about 7 years). I heard very clearly “Schedule table healing sessions and work with the person’s energies.” I said back “But I have never studied nor learned how to do that. I know chakras but not details.” It answered clearly “We will tell you while you are doing it.” My first thought was: Oh, shit. I have to really trust to do this.

I scheduled 3 sessions knowing only that I would use my quick meditation technique, move out of the past/future timeline and connect to that Heart Intuitive Creative mind. One was for the hostess for my Meetups. That was my virgin experience. I am very fortunate that I am an extremely effective trainer for managing stress, using one’s inner powers, focusing and for stirring up the healing energies from within people. Thus, I am absolutely clear that the only way to get guidance is to stand firmly right into the NOW moment. That is where we align to hear our inner guidance.

The ‘switch’ to move into the NOW moment is deep breathing and focused intent. I train a process that is very quick

That first one, I found myself saying things I have never said before nor had I ever thought before. I was asking for different guidance and found myself invoking a shaman from each continent to guide me and other types of assistance. And the things I felt, sensed and did made total sense as I was in the flow of that guiding energy. Later on I ponder the why’s of it. There’s no time when you are in the NOW of just BEing and DOing. I knew when her grandmother’s presence came in as she also felt after I said so. (I’ve never done that before) She is lying on her stomach. I found myself pulling thread-like dark energies with barbs like they were mini arrowheads. out of her neck, shoulders and back. As I did this I started saying I am pulling out threads of discontent. When the session was over she said that she had never told me she had fiber myalgia and that she felt major relaxation relief in those parts of her body. That stayed. She passed several years later.

As I have developed into doing this I have come up with new slants on the different chakra centers and how we benefit from them and can amplify them. I prefer to think of them as Intelligent Energy Centers. There are 7 Major Ones with many layers of minor chakras. There is a grouping of the top 3 (crown, 3rd eye, throat) to bring forth direct guidance, receive direct answers and see through seeming obstacles in order to bring to the planet a new idea. There is a grouping of the bottom 3 (root, sacral/chi, solar plexus) that brings those new mental ideas into physical form so they manifest into your physical reality.

And always remember they fuel your chosen inner reality you have developed with thoughts, feelings, imagery and more. This is the script for what manifests in life. In the middle of the top 3 and bottom 3 Intelligent Energy Centers is the Heart Center, what I have come to understand to be the brain of the body’s multiple intelligence centers. Neuroscience confirms the heart, and all organs, have neurons. Neurons are the mental programming code in the brain to establish relationships. beliefs, habits,

We are truly a massively integrated matrix of different layers of thoughts and energies and depths that can literally cause us to begin living in dimensions beyond the 3-dimensional physical reality. Our totally flexible, changing, growing, expanding and contracting brain is something we will never fully comprehend from within this biological, chemical, quantum brain.

We are also truly capable, in my own opinion and belief, of healing anything. Hold that knowing within and the way Life works is that we must find that right practitioner or answer in some form. Life and Life’s Opportunities meet us at our point of current consciousness. Thus it is good to shift yourself into a state of joy, care, awareness, clarity.

MEDICAL NOTE: Before we do anything that affects a prescription drug or some health impact the client will tell their medical provider they are going to be working with learning precision thinking to direct their thoughts to make changes in their minds and bodies.