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Intent: Serve the client’s needs to empower them into their best life and to train them to use more of their dormant inner potential and power.

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Below is the unique approach and overview.

Coaching is an approach to help you build up what you want from within yourself. Then when it happens in life you will have caused it and can do it again, the next time. That is the definition of empowerment.

What I found when I have used a coach, a counselor, a spiritual guide is that they could see things in me that I could not see. I found it valuable to have their perspective.

Have you ever noticed something in a friend that was impacting them?
Has a friend ever noticed something in you that was valuable to hear?

For coaching I believe that you have all the answers you require for the questions you have and the problems that hang around. It is simply a matter of access. That is my forte, to help you access those unique answers you have never considered before.

For health and well-being issues I operate from a belief: The missing ingredient in patient care is the dormant healing powers within the patient. We can invoke that. The ingredient I watch for with a client is to make sure the person realizes that healing occurs from within. Doctors who have been in class always confirm that they do not heal. They help to set the environment for the body to do what it is best at: healing itself.

Some unique skills:

  • Focus Thought+ for reprogramming the neurons (human software) in the brain, heart, and other organs
  • Identify a Limiting Belief and do an Instant Belief Change Process
  • Identify prominent self-limiting emotions. Then release them quickly and easily. You do not have to feel them
  • Mind Mastery training to gain control over your inner senses, pains, thoughts, feelings and ultimately energies
  • Inner Re-Training for changes in life & Performance Improvement (mental, emotional, work task, athletic improvements). Recorded to use continuously.
  • Manage your Inner Self to Lead your life
    • Relax Mind, Body, and Energy on Cue
    • Relieve Pain/Headache with Precise Thoughts
    • Shift to feel in sync with life and joyful
  • Spiritual Counselor/Coach
    • Heal a false belief in separation with Spirit to heal a problem in life.
    • Spiritual Mind Treatment is one of the most effective tools
  • Grow your life deliberately
    • Advanced Visualization skills to create your life
    • Custom audio programs for healing, behavioral change, and expanding personal power
  • Healing the past
    • Spiritual approach
    • Forgiveness work
    • Alter bad memories
    • Heal something earlier in life and carry that forward
  • Intuitive and Creative Mind training and development
  • Physiological Stress Reduction & Relaxation Engineer for:
    • Individuals with hypertension, high blood pressure, anxiety-related difficulties in life, thought confusion.
    • Sports, Athletic Performance Improvement for individuals or teams
    • Workplace Teams and Leaders
  • Sync Brain Functions with Logical and Creative Thoughts
    • to Achieve Goals in a much different way
    • to focus a team syncing energies and
  • Create a Project using benefits of both Logical and Creative Thoughts
    • Access new thoughts about it
    • Ask for Creative Thoughts and receive them
  • Recover Healthy Natural Refreshing Sleep
  • What is a minor change in yourself you would like?

Value provided

My approach comes from what I have discovered. Each of us is designed for success and lives in a proactive universe that supports each person’s success. PAUSE. Re-read that and consider how that would totally change your approach to life. When you want something different you will have a valid process to work with the creative life forces directly. This is you becoming empowered in life.

Ride a success wave. Be empowered to manage yourself and your life.

Brain Neural Re-Program for Permanent Change
Empowerment Coach
Licensed Spiritual Counselor for 20+ years
Public Classes

Business Trainings
Skills for employee focus, clarity, creativity, retention, health, wellness.

Custom classes for your desired outcome
Custom techniques recorded for your use

Many services can be provided remotely