P.E.A.C.E. Session: Energy Massage

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You are SO much more than what you see in your physical form. As physicists tell us, you are vibrating quantum energy dense enough to be physical. Your energy expands all around you for many feet. When these energy centers have not been tended to and when you have experienced hard knocks in life they get clogged up thus separating you from your good and from the life-giving energies that are always feeding you. Thus these sessions are life changing and life-enhancing.

P.E.A.C.E. Sessions. Personal Energy Alignment, Clearing, and Expansion Sessions.

In the mid-2000s I had a sudden and abrupt change to what I was doing which I was working to make financially profitable. That became a dead end immediately.

Instead of freaking out, I did what I do at big times. Close my eyes. Relax and take deep breaths. I use my quick meditation countdown process: 3-2-1-0. Sitting, I threw my arms open and said ‘what next?’

This works but not right then when I ask, usually. This was a good day. I heard clearly “Schedule people to put them on the table and work with their energies.” I shot back “I know about chakras but have not been trained to work with them.” IT Answered “We will tell you when you are doing them.” To which, I thought “Oh, shit. I am going to have to trust at a level I have never considered.”

It has worked since my first session. How can I ever isolate myself with thoughts like ‘I’m so alone’ and similar. Never ever alone.
Alone = All One

Flyer is below

If you have a health condition let’s talk about it. These sessions can be altered to directly move bad conditions, diagnoses out and enhance health & wellbeing, often profoundly.

Testimonials from clients:

“When I went home my dogs never barked; they have never done that. My two children, 20s, 1 with a disability were not fighting. I called Lamar the next day and said: everyone changed as a result of that session. He said, no, you changed profoundly and everyone is relating differently to your new self.”

“The day after my session I was walking along South Lamar Boulevard (Austin) and I was contemplating what kind of man I want to grow to become. I looked down at that moment and there was a book right next to my feet titled Becoming a Man. [A month later: My income has increased significantly. We can go on a vacation now. (His product sales in the salon went through the roof)”                     ~Keith P.

Find Internal P.E.A.C.E. Like never before

Something very noticeable occurs in life for nearly everyone, usually within 48+ hours.

The first session I ever did was for the hostess for my Meetup groups when I went to San Antonio monthly. I was being guided to say and move my hands in ways I have never done (refer below). At one point I verbally was saying “I am pulling out threads of discontent” while I was moving my hands pulling imaginary feather-like threads from her shoulders and back; they had a barb at the ends. At one point I felt a presence enter the room and said your grandmother has just joined us. She confirmed. After the session she told me she had fibromyalgia. Her shoulders and back were lighter feeling than ever and remained that way.
                                                                      ~ Monica S.

Note: I take half an hour or so to prepare myself for each session so that I am truly clear in this process to make sure I am sensing what is happening underneath the facade of the person. I have only done 1 per day so far.

It is interesting that this entire service including the name, P.E.A.C.E. Session, was a direct communication in a meditative session somewhere around 2006+/-. When those downloads happen, rare so far, my inner engineer is so befuddled. I have to tell that part of my intelligence training to hush. Then I am using my engineering mind to observe me and what I am doing so that I am building a model for how this works. Then I can train some people in it. Let me know if you are interested. 

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