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Empowerment Leads to Greatness
Empowerment & Its Accompanying Skills, Qualities and Results & How To Utilize and Activate It In Your Life and Company

Empower your group, employees and functions with Innovative Topics for Talks, Trainings and Coaching.

The Empowered Workforce
Empowering People Always Improves the Business

Each person is designed with everything required within himself/herself to achieve what is truly desired. It is simply a matter of education, training and practice to unleash a mode of achievement that is done with greater ease and synchronicity. Through this method is a way to Achieve Greatly, achieving regularly beyond-the-norm things based on applied sciences.

The one who masters the inner dimensions masters life and achievements

Call to schedule a talk, class, and coaching some completely new and different concepts that take your life’s tasks, awareness and achievement to a deeper level of synchronous manifestation.

Learn during your lunchtime, a group meeting or a keynote function. You will receive clear messages, expansive concepts, tie them into personal and business benefits and provide ways for new empowerment skills to be used right away. A unique service that makes the difference is custom guided audio mind-focusing cycles 

Topics include: 

Empowering Engineer to Engineer Series:
I am an engineer and can present empowerment skills in that manner.

  • Training Your Brain for Better Performance (Mental, Work, Athletic)
  • Left/Right Brain Integration Skills
  • Manifest Results Using Your Whole Brain Operating System
  • Visualization for Achievement (Internal changes and Results in life)
  • Develop A More Complete Project using Logical and Creative Thoughts
  • Activate your Genius Mind
  • Take A New Idea and Bring it into fruition
  • Custom focused topics for using Inner Skills for work

These talks can turn into short or complete trainings.

Business Success
Through unique tools, skills and concepts Lamar Irwin’s clients get great success. One tool constantly and persistently trains each individual.

How These Empowerment Training, Skills & Services Work and Surprise Benefits for the Business that Uses Them

When your employees, volunteers, group are empowered with these inner empowerment skills their job performance increases in noticeable ways. When an employee can better manage their own life they will be more present and focused at work. They will have increased creativity, flexibility and a sense of ownership over their positional requirements and tasks.

And the business receives some common benefits: Increased job performance, creativity and attendance. Business will notice decreased healthcare costs, increased well-being in employees, increased retention, enhanced team focus, new ideas, wiser decision making and more.

Physiological Stress Management, On Cue

Internal Scream
Internalized Stress May Be Suppressed and Forgotten while it methodically eats away at your well-being.

also… Patient Empowerment in the Modern World of Well-Being

Presentation and discussion on managing stress which helps you be more ‘present’ with clients, make better decisions and is good for your health. This leads to an option to practice a relaxation process that is a style used by millions around the globe which has multiplying benefits.

At least 90% of all illness, dis-ease within, results from some internalized stress. Usually these have been forgotten as they sit there within you stirring up the dis-order that becomes a dis-ease within one’s own human systems.

This is the basis for my ability to help people simply by training thought focus: 1) Eliminate certain meds like high blood pressure medicine, 2) Gain control over pain, eliminating pain and the meds and implants, 3) Sleep well and healthfully, 4) Reverse medical diagnoses… so much more.



Brain Hemisphere Distinctions
Left is logical, planned and resists new ideas until it is tamed. Right is plugged into Creative, Intuitive and New Ideas.

Results through Left-Right Brain Hemisphere Integration

You are designed for success and it is empowering to comprehend the brain science behind effective thought management. Both logical and intuitive thoughts are available to someone with mastery over their Mind. Each thought type has its own source and benefits. Learn the benefits and best practices to achieve.

This results in more synchronicities, more direction over life and and an increased since of self-esteem, as studies have shown. Greater challenges are considered by an empowered person.

Focus Your Group’s Intent & Unleash Collective Power

When a group of people are gathered together there exists a collective wisdom, vision and processes to achieve their results and mission. There is a level in mind, effective use of the brain, that optimizes and collectively focuses the intentful thoughts of a group creating a force that moves all forward.

Activating Your Genius Mind

A genius has exceptional intellectual ability and originality. Train your mind to become this. It is a scientific process and set of practices that will continuously develop a person’s mind.

Manage Pain into Elimination

The forgotten ingredient in pain management is the untapped inherent healing powers of the body.

One man with a spinal implant to control pain and was taking morphine twice each day. After the first session where he learned how to direct his mind and body to relax fully under his control. He received that same audio guided mind focusing cycle that he listens to daily . The first key to pain management is . In hist second session he told me he turned off the spinal implant that day and it has not been on. This was November 2014. In the second session I taught and trained his mind to stop pain as soon as it begins.

He told his pain management physician and physician’s assistant he wanted to reduce his morphine. They wondered how. He told them he was working with a man who is training him to direct his thoughts. I encouraged him to give them my contact info. I will bring my chart, write board and explain the sciences behind it. Much more happened…

I checked in late 2016. He was off morphine, had no pain, his life span has increased because of less toxicity, his pituitary gland has come alive; they did not think that was possible, he used the techniques to minimize pain after an auto accident.

All was done by phone and there is nothing to apply, take or path or in anyway touch. It is all done by Precise Thinking

Empowering Groups to Attract the Right Employment

When I speak to unemployment groups I always ask for 2 different dates. In the first I will provide you the edge that makes the difference and some homework to practice. In the follow up session I will add more inner skills and help with specific questions.

To make a change in life is to get clear on your focus within your own mind. Then use brain-based skills to achieve your desired employment. This Inner Edge is what makes the difference when you are going for that job.

Hack and Tame Your Brain for Exponentially Increasing Benefits

Ego says vs Spirit says. Two different thought sources.
Life is an outpicturing of the inner reality we hold deep inside. Learn to alter it.

Brain Science based methodology to achieve dominion over your thoughts. The first tasks for each person is to focus and tame their thoughts. This begins the process to find inner peace and increase the clarity within one’s own mind.  

Thoughts are things. Thoughts have energy. Thoughts are the beginning of one’s life.

e=mc2 says that energy = mass x a constant that is a high speed vibration (the speed of light). Mass = energy divided by this constant speed. When we want a different material result in life there is a way to focus thoughts and utilize inner hidden skills to achieve that.

This process continuously 1) Cleans out stressors, known and long forgotten, 2) De-stresses mind and body on cue, 3) Makes this relaxation process shorter and shorter until it takes mere moments, 4) develops your mind to receive new thoughts and ideas and much more.


Aligning Your Inner Rhythms of Your Life’s Music

Each person has their own inner life music that is their soul’s rhythms that inspires, informs, guides, supports and empowers them to live a purpose-driven life fully alive. Each human form has an incredible inner matrix of thoughts, beliefs, values, energies, constructs, systems and so much more at multiple levels and dimensions.

The rhythm of your inner music is the tuning fork for balancing, maintaining and empowering your personal inner matrix. A person with a tuned inner matrix will live an ever-expanding, ever-loving and ever-fulfilling life of achieving their mission

Mastering Others and Self
The Final Frontier is Taming Ones Self. It is best at the top of the priority list.

Activate Your Thoughts for Manifestation

Direct your thoughts deliberately to cause what you want to happen in life. To select your thoughts is to select your life and wellbeing. There are laws and principles with which you can utilize to bring a new idea arom thought to energy to action to the desired manifestation.

Top 10 List for Crafting Empowering Goals

You are designed to access both logical and intuitive thoughts. Each has its benefits. When you desire to cause a change in life, to change some feeling inside of you or to create a new goal there is a way to craft it to work with both thought types.

Shift into Your Empowered Feeling State

There is a feeling state in which one can live that is extremely beneficial. Shift your feeling state on cue. This feeling state of joy, gratitude and being happy opens the door to incredible wonders in life from receiving your desires and goals to being in the right place at the right time.

Customized Topics are available. 

With my engineering mindset, metaphysical studies and more than thirty three years of learning, apprenticing and practicing multiple approaches to tap into the human potential what is it that you want your group, employees to hear and what benefit do you want them to have? I will customize topics to what your group is working on.

Topic approaches can be uniquely focused on one of these approaches or a combination of Mental ~ Spiritual ~ Energetics.

Time is Adjustable: Talks to Short Classes to Immersion in Empowerment

From one hour presentations to short classes and to longer trainings this material continuously trains even after the classes.

NOTE: The training portion of this material is done using both the logical and intuitive thoughts. A particular technique that specifically trains and ‘implants’ the material within the person causes changes real time. You are then empowered to practice and utilize this new skill immediately.


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