Self-Mastery Mind Skills | Change Brain Neural Pathways

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Precision Thoughts Yield Chosen Precision Results

This is the only scientifically proven alternative therapy for change. 

How often have you wanted to make a change to your behavior, your effectiveness and/or your life? Here is a way that leads to permanent change.

The brain sees images first, then words which to your brain are thoughts. This explains advertising approaches: a big appealing picture with a few words. Since “Thoughts Create Reality”, it is valuable to learn to choose and craft them for the explicit purpose of changing you and your life in ways you choose.

Change through better use of your brain has more detail.

The brain has two thought channels: Logical (left hemisphere) and Intuitive (right hemisphere). Neither one is better than the other. They are just different types of thoughts each with its own value. Accessing both is optimal for more fulfilling results. All that takes is this training approach that both trains your brain with advanced life skills AND shows you how to do it on your own.

There are incredible, unbelievable things that your focused and trained mind can do.


Science has been proving for years now that we have a Causative Level of brain functioning where we can directly reprogram the neurons in our brain. Through deliberate use of our breath, mental focus, and imagination, we can alter the neural programming that causes us to perceive life the way we do and governs our every move.

In one-on-one sessions or trainings, I first explain logically the way your brain works. For each technique you learn, I guide you into the optimal brain mode for reprogramming your brain’s neural pathways. It is immediately usable and gets better as you practice.

Clients and students leave with audio files to continue developing the skills you choose. The more you practice, the quicker the mind skill is available and the more profound its effects.

The great thing I love is that continually using these advanced mind skills leads to them being integrated into the way you do life thus making you more effective in life. And your mind evolves becoming more useful than I ever expected.

We are each born with the brain design to take a new idea, process it, plan and cause it into life.

And there is such good news about this with a plethora of benefits.

You learn that to use a few minutes in your causative brain mode to cause a change is equivalent to spending hundreds of man-hours of external activity achieving it.

The methodology I use has a developmental effect on your mind and how you use it. To mention a few, you learn to choose the thoughts that get you the life you want, gain better focus of your mind, begin to receive intuitive/creative thoughts, eliminate pains, visualization process used with the design of our brain, learn to access a multitude of skills to better your life and to achieve the life you desire.

Integrate the benefits of the left brain (logic) and right brain (intuition/creativity) to use your full brain functioning to master your thoughts thus master life

Another immediate benefit of this methodology is that you learn to relax and de-stress your mind, body, and energy on cue, in mere moments just by using directed thought. This might not register as being important until you realize that at least 90% of all illness is stress related; at least 90% of all headaches are stress related. How would it benefit you to be able to release the stress of life so that it does not build up to hypertension, insomnia, high blood pressure, and other stress-related problems?

This is a big reason I work with people to reverse diagnoses, reduce some medications and eliminate pain without the medications. This often leads to someone finding a new joi de vivre for life.

This is one of the applied scientific methods. Based on applied brain science.

Dare to challenge yourself. Go for those whispers that you know your life is about.