Spiritual Mind Treatments

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As a licensed practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, www.csl.org, I have studied, trained in and practiced specific principles and laws that make life work, in supporting someone in the moments in life that matter, and assisting a person to awaken to their inherent power.

This is a spiritual philosophy based on the spiritual laws of life. Founded by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

When we heal a belief in separation between us and our good in life that problematic situation in life gets healed at its core. When we learn to identify the truth of who we are born as and what we inherited at birth we begin the empowering path to living an increasingly better and fulfilling life of achievement.

Realize that when I say Divine Authority, God, Spirit, Source I consider them all to be the Intelligent Loving Energy of Life. This does not contradict traditional teachings.

The tool I use in every session is called spiritual mind treatment. It is not really a traditional prayer. It is a proactive treatment done in the spiritual mind to directly cause obstacles to be removed, for meetings to be had and for situations to be resolved in the best way.

This is a five-step proactive spiritual mind treatment process. It invokes the force for good to better any internal or external situation.

  1. Recognize the magnificence of life. Lift up from the lower level human problem into the higher level energy of life.
  2. Unify with it. State and claim that truth.
  3. Claim what you want in a direct way. No pleading or asking from a weak stance. Instead work with Life that proactively seeks our highest life.
  4. Give thanks for life
  5. Surrender it to be done.

Quite often a new lighter feeling will lift the person receiving the spiritual mind treatment.

I recommend you have one of these sessions. The first one I had in California from Rev. Marilyn Miller changed my world. In brief, I worked for Halliburton Energy Service as the Technical Sales Representative for all of Southern California. My boss was a nagging micromanaging angry bast*rd person reminding me of my dad. One of those oilfield types. After she did a spiritual mind treatment it all changed. A week later this global company switched everything up leaving me as the sole person in an office in the Oxnard location of a different company division. I am self-motivated and did much better that way.

Some people call for a spiritual mind treatment when they are having a tough time in life, just had a fight, got a bad diagnosis, a relationship problem, going to court, whatever. Usually, these people either know my calming presence or they have called me before.

Sessions can be done by phone, zoom, Skype, or in person. 

I love giving a talk of a spiritual nature and am available for a spiritual center or church talk, class, presentation. Uploaded talks, meditations coming soon to this blog.

I was licensed in 1999. It took four years of classes, practice, evolving and learning, a psychological profile test, a police background check, a 3 to 4 hour test. I have to re-license every two years with testimonials from people who I have served.

Some may know the Centers for Spiritual Living as Religious Science. We re-branded some years ago. This spiritual philosophy was founded and created by Ernest Holmes who knew the founders of the Unity Churches, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Unity is often considered cousin churches.