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Welcome and thank you for checking out blog.

I am a farm town Texas boy with an electrical engineer degree who worked overseas right out of college having a grand adventure. After years of learning and using many techniques to improve me, my heart has guided me to do my passion-based service: Uplift the Consciousness.

It is nice to have so far taught, coached, spoken to thousands of folks mostly in Central Texas and those who flew in from Canada, Mexico, and other states. This blog began in 2008. I enjoy watching the Flash of Inner Awareness in someone’s eyes when that reclamation of self happens. To hear later how the learned skills, continue to help them warms me.

Wanting to create a better life than what I was born into greatly motivated me from young adulthood to learn how to do life better. A primary methodology I use is the only scientifically verified alternative modality: brain neural programs. People gain the skills to master their own thoughts which leads to an innumerable amount of skills for self-management and life-causation. This is done through rewiring the software in the brain for the specific change that is wanted. It leads to instantly usable skills. As a person continues to use them it continues to develop one’s mind in more profound ways. I abbreviate Brain Neural Program as BNP.

When it is helpful, I pull from a synthesis of other approaches including working with quantum energy and unseen laws that cause life to be as it is. Learning how to leverage these unseen principles and laws provides another dimension of mind mastery and life-management.
As a licensed spiritual counselor/coach for 20+ years with I bring in how to work with the unseen forces of life to more direct life. I am associated with CSL I look forward to assisting you with living the life you are born to live and be who you are born to be.

Lamar Irwin