Relax Body Mind Energy on cue

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Physiological based change through rewiring your neural pathways. It is like upgrading software on your device. Your ability to relax your body from head to toes and soles + relax your mind + relax your inner energies = masterful self-management.

To master your own relaxation process is the fundamental skill to begin to tap into the extraordinary brain you have. You are now using it as trained in school. I train you to use your whole mind with all its power which changes life.

Your stress response is programmed into you as a child. How did your parents and other adults handle stress? Do you recognize you are doing the same? If so, is it working for you? If yes, great.

If no, rewire your brain in the way you react to stress. I worked with a 60-year young woman who the IRS had placed in charge of a new IT department. Shortly thereafter, her doctor told her she’d have to go on high blood pressure medicine. She asked the doctor to give her 6 months to handle it naturally.

Somehow, she found me through the Austin grapevine. We worked together and reprogrammed specific situations that raised her stress level, thus her blood pressure. After several sessions, her blood pressure decreased, she could manage stressful situations well, and she did not have to go on medications.

Note: The World Health Organization says that 90% of all illnesses. To have this quick skill is to have more control over your health, immune system, and well-being.

Your ability to manage your relaxation level gives you more (control) over your health, decisions, choices, self-ease, effectiveness, reactions, happiness, mental focus, well-being…

Empower yourself to handle life in a more pleasant, fulfilling and effective way. Contact me