Relieve Pain Headache Discomfort

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Mental focus can shift you from feeling pain to being at ease. And it is quick. It just takes a different kind of education to train your brain to begin to use some of what it is capable of…of what you are capable of doing.

I train Smart Skills for you to use your brain the way it is designed to be used in order to live a better, more fulfilling life.

This is a mind smart skill that lets you let go of your pain, in just moments… right away.

Through mental focus, shift out of your pain, headache, migraine or discomfort. This sounds fanciful to most. So far, 100% of the people who use this eliminate their pain and feel greater ease in their body.

What hooked me on discovering more mental power

Headaches. This is what got me curious when I was a freshman in high school. In an abusive and emotionally suppressive family, the energy of my emotions went within and made me sick. That is what internalized stress does to anyone starting from within the cells. It had no outlet from me. I took aspirins all the time. I also had other diagnoses of body symptoms that are directly because of held-in stress. One was irritable bowel syndrome.

Someone gave me this cassette with words that got rid of my headache the first time I used it. This simply guided me into what thoughts to choose and when I  opened my eyes my headache was gone. I memorized this and used it each time I felt a headache. By the time I went off to college, I no longer experienced headaches.

The inner stress energy that was within me now had an outlet that required a few minutes of mental focus. I have not had a headache in my adult life. I have felt the onset and in a few seconds, I stop it. I have had head discomfort when I experienced allergies for a few weeks.

No more pain. No more morphine. No more Oxycontin. No more use of the spinal implant to control pain.

Pain Elimination: Has a spinal implant, took morphine and oxycontins. Free of all meds now.

What Michael accomplished would have seemed impossible to my mind before I started experiencing my own fantastic results. His story.

I look at it this way: uh, why not? Trying to be funny. But truly why not be in charge of your own thoughts, your mind and your physical and energetic bodies. Let me know when I can help.