Mind Mastery Skills

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As I reword and reorganize this blog, I will keep this page posted as more Mind Mastery Skills. I’ll be creating a page for each item listed below. Once the site is more readable, I’ll start adding more advanced classes.

Published: The Science of the Genius Mind. Access Your Inner Genius

Customized for your group, your employees’ betterment

If my normal offering of classes does not serve your needs then, let’s discuss what you want for you, your group, your employees.

Company benefits include: greater employee retention, increased creativity, and cooperation, greater team focus, decreased healthcare costs, more effective focus, and implementation for each employee; to name a few.

Forward focused. Solutions based.

Trainings, experiences, and beliefs have shown me that we all have the choice of whether we are looking forward or to the past. It is usually unnecessary to dig up a problem to deal with it. Where we focus our attention is what increases and grows.

Life is best lived looking forward, not looking in the rearview mirror

You can handle inner blocks while moving forward. You do not have to stop life and dig up issues. I have seen that when you focus on empowering goals, fuel them with more of your mind and energy…any obstacles or challenges will surface. They must pop up when you are changing your life. I assist you to deal with them. Then refocus with this new clarity.

My many years of learning, using, experiencing, and training informed by intuition will help you make the changes you want in life, internally and externally.

Self-Mastery Mind Skills

The brain sees images first then words which to your brain or thoughts. This explains advertising approaches. Thoughts Create Reality. Learn to choose and craft them for the explicit purpose of changing you and your life in ways you choose.

Change through better use of your brain

The brain has two thought channels: Logical (left hemisphere) and Intuitive (right hemisphere). Neither one is better than the other. Accessing both is optimal for more fulfilling results. All that takes is this training approach that shows you how to utilize your whole brain. There are incredible, unbelievable things that your focused and trained mind can do.

A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often

In one-on-one sessions or trainings, I first explain logically the way your brain works. For each technique, I guide you into the optimal brain mode for reprogramming. It is immediately usable and gets better as you practice.

Clients and students leave with audio files to continue developing the skills you choose. The more you practice, the quicker the mind skill is available and the more profound its effects.

Optimal Mindset

Relaxed and focused. This does not mean sleeping? It means a superior focus.

This is the optimal use of your brain that has more to offer you the more you train it. Think of a time when you felt great stress. How clearly could you think? How good were your decisions? The more you are relaxed the greater your access to new thoughts and ideas. Once these mental smart skills are part of your brain’s functioning you find greater ease in focusing your mind on the task at hand.

Performance Improvement

Performance includes any task you do. Athletics, racing, work, dance, acting, artistic, name it.

Peak performance results from both internal and external expertise of the performance. Peak training and experience for the task trains the external physical expression and creates muscle memory. Peak internal mental training creates future memories for each step in the process. We tweak your consciousness at both internal and external.

Quick example in racing. I knew this young guy who had a professional go-cart and raced in New Braunfels, Texas, a German heritage town. He always came in last. So, he came over on the day of a race. I had him tell me specifics of each step of driving and racing. Then we worked with improving his accuracy in each step through visualization/sensualization and reprogramming his brain to perform more effectively. That night, for the first time he came in 2nd place. Yea! Success from just one short session.

This works for business performance, too

I had a friend who had a review at work that was not so good. The manager told her that she needed to focus on her work better to stop some mistakes. She called me and I went over to her house. I had her walk me through these tasks. Then we trained her brain so she would focus more effectively and remember to do all the steps. It worked. Her manager, later, told her how much she had noticed the improvement. Yea! Again, success in a short session.

Develop Intuitive & Creative

Using these smart skills naturally develops your intuition and creativity because it is engaging the right brain hemisphere which accesses the intuitive thought channel. Most education trains the left brain hemisphere logical thoughts.

Change through better use of your brain

To purposely develop your right brain hemisphere, we build on the smart skills you already know.  This involves training similar to when you were trained as a young child to count, use the alphabet, to learn colors, etc. It just is done with eyes closed in your imagination, all at the optimal brain mode for programming; for upgrade your brain software.

 Words that Empower

The words you think focus your mind on that subject. Maintain your pool of words to be supportive. Pull out the weeds that do not serve you anymore. Plant the seeds of new thoughts that lead you to who you want to be and what you want to achieve. Then water and nourish them by affirming them regularly until they become a natural thought.

The words you speak set the path you will take and portray who you are to others. Certain words defeat your intent. Select words that empower you and others.

Optimal Goal Setting

In my corporate jobs, I took goal setting, time management, and other productivity classes from the companies. The normal way of setting goals using just your logical mind produces results.

But remember I am talking about smart skills to tap into the superior abilities of your brain which simply have not been educated, yet.

Setting goals utilizing the logical and intuitive mind is a unique approach that generally results in better than normal outcomes.

 Whole Mind Projects

Did you know that you are capable of using both logical and intuitive thoughts? By choice? Being creative makes you a better logical-job person. And being logical can make the creative person do better.

As an engineer when I planned a project or a needed solution, I used my college and company training. Detailed trained logical thoughts. They work great…

…and imagine this. You are working on a project that maybe has a step that has not been done this way before. What if you could, using this brain training, access some new ideas when you want them? There are innovations happening every day by some people on this planet somewhere.

Why not you?

One example

When creating a new class or whatever I first set the intent of this class. Then I will sit down and write out different techniques, different ideas, and different awarenesses I wanted to provoke, in a good way. These are things I have done, read, or learned. But there are usually impacts I would like for them to feel and I may not yet know a way to do that.

Then, through a short process, I open up the door to new ideas and thoughts. I review what I have so far and attempt to sense the flow of the process. I have often received some new methods to use, new impact to go for, and new modules I want to include.

Process: you have your yellow pad and pen or keyboard. With your eyes open you write what you know. Then close your eyes and open the intuitive thought channel. Present a question and listen. Review what you have…and listen. Then open your eyes to write it down. Back and forth. With practice, you will not need to close your eyes.

Are you ready to have your team of engineers use this? How about office staff?

Are you personally ready to go to the next level?

Have you been stuck where you are for a while?

Taught in a class or in a coaching session. Local or remote.

Gain the Edge to succeed

Do you want your group to be more effective? What about your company’s employees? Your own life? Your teenager’s future? Your community? Manifest your inner dream?

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