Sensualization™ (Visualization 2.0)

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Visualization is a wisdom from the ages. It is seen in religious books and was used by the masters. It has been taught in secretive societies for certain peole.

It emerged in the 20th century as a topic in the late 1960s to 1970s. Shakti Gawain published Creative Visualization She learned visualization in a popular class that began in 1966 by Jose Silva.

It also is taught in a must-read book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill. It is much more than the title.

Fifty to sixty years later consciousness has evolved as it always will. Visualization is understood by many and implemented by top athletes and performers and millions around the world.

A large amount of people now understand that imagining an outcome helps to bring it about. Many practice it.

Time for a visualization upgrade

It is time for a major upgrade. Consciousness is ready for it. In meditation, I heard the idea to “Sensualize Your Life” and “Sensualization”.

For years, when I have told students we are going to learn proper visualization that works with the brain’s design, I always get the question about ‘what if I don’t see anything with my eyes closed?’ I explain that I only saw gray fog when I first began and to use your other senses and tell yourself it is there.

Note that with practice I began to see and sometimes hear, feel and smell (not tasted yet) what I was purposely focused on so that it comes into my life.

Everyone is wired differently. With continued practice your physical senses will come on board for you to use while imagining what you desire in life.

To create is to be human. We are creating life moment by moment. We just want to focus correctly to create what we want…not what we do not want. When we do not choose what we want our unconscious mind is creating what you already have. Nothing changes.


To Sensualize Your Life has a good feel to it while indicating for you to use some of your physical senses while imagining, as if you already have that goal. To be sensual is to be human. It opens us up. It is a creative energy, obviously. To sensualize your goals is to bring deep powerful and meaningful feelings to them.

Doesn’t it feel good to be sensual? Can you imagine using that creative energy of life coursing through you to help manifest your desired life?

This is a feeling universe.

Thoughts by themselves do not manifest. Thoughts fueled by feelings (energies) manifest.

Come learn these Visualization 2.0, i.e. this Sensualization smart skill to manifest with greater ease. Life is more fulfilling and achieving life.