Thought Experiments

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These Thought Experiments (TE) are for you to test out for yourself to become mindful of your thoughts and the impact they have on you.

Consider this a scientific self experiment. A scientist makes a change in an experiment and watches for any change. You make a change in your thoughts and be mindful of the impact on you, internally and externally.

Do an experiment for some time until something changes with TE #1. Then do another one

Observing how you do life becomes Mindfulness.
Mindfulness leads to increased awareness

of how you interact with life.
Increased awareness leads to your ability

to choose your thoughts.
Choosing your thoughts is Mind Mastery.
Mind Mastery empowers you to make clear choices in life.

Clear choices lead to your desired life.

Your Life is the Result of a Series of Choices.
Your first choice is your thoughts.
Your second choice is your feeling which fuels your thoughts into becoming reality.
Your third choice is to modify


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