TE #1 Awareness

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What do you want in life?

Think of the things that first come to mind.

Answer that before you scroll down

Makes me go hmm
Love yourself enough to choose your life

What did you think of first?

What you do not like about your life, your job, your boss, your partner…

Or What you do want, for your life, your job, your boss, your partner…

Whichever comes first to your mind is the one you are rehearsing most in your mind. Hmm

“Thoughts Create Your Reality”

What we focus on, we achieve. Our thoughts are the tools to get that process going.

The power of Life when Focused

When you focus the sun through a magnifying glass onto an object it can burn it whereas the sun, unfocused, does not.

The sun is the power of life, the universe, spirit, whatever you choose to call the power that creates life and nourishes it.

Your thoughts are the magnifying glass. If they are scattered then the effect is weakened. When you learn to pay attention to what you want, the Power of Life flows through you to achieve and change your situation.

Which one sounds like more fun?

Do you want to Worry or Dream?

Pay Attention with Mindfulness

  1. Be Aware.
    • What am I thinking right now?
  2. Ask Yourself.
    • Will this help or hinder the situation?
    • Will this move me forward or backward?
  3. Choose

What you pay attention to directs the Life Force flows to manifest.

Develop your skill to choose your own thoughts, thus your own life

A lot of people are under the impression that they have no control of the thoughts bouncing around unmanaged in their head. These come from family, peers, bosses, loved ones, friends, society.

Where is YOUR OWN UNIQUENESS in your thoughts?

Choose YOU over others’ definitions of you.

Life is a series of choices beginning in your mind

Mind Mastery

This skill is learned, honed and focused in my Mind Mastery class and/or coaching. Tune your ability to choose and focus upon your thoughts to cause an effect in your life, internally and externally. Using the proven technique to reprogram your thoughts trains this skill quickly. You will experience some changes in your body with some of the skills. The others cause changes in your life. You will be able to do it once learned because it is done at the brain frequency to rewiring the brain’s neural programming.

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