TE #2 Mindfulness

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Thought Experiment #1 is a way for someone to become more mindful of their thoughts and gain some understanding of the impact of their thoughts.

Let’s take this a little further for your personal empowerment.

Observing how you do life becomes Mindfulness.
Mindfulness leads to increased awareness

of how you interact with life.
Increased awareness leads to your ability

to choose your thoughts.
Choosing your thoughts is Mind Mastery.
Mind Mastery empowers you to make clear choices in life.

Clear choices lead to your desired life.

Amplify Mindfulness of Your Thoughts

Spend some spare thinking moments observing the thoughts you are having about different areas of your life.

Ask yourself questions like:

What are the thoughts I have about my current job? About where I’m heading?

What are my thoughts about who I am? Self-identity?

What am I thinking when I meet someone new?

Why am I nervous (in this situation)?

Are my thoughts positive or negative towards a good friend?

If you have a conflict, what are your thoughts about that person?

What about your current romance? Or about not having one? Or not wanting one for now?

What am I thinking as I unlock the door to my car and get in?

If you are a student:

What do I think about my ability to learn this subject?

Are my thoughts those of someone who is going to ace this test, essay or project?

What are your thoughts about your study habits?

Concerning your career ask the same sort of questions to see how your thoughts match your current level of work. Where are your thoughts leading you in your career?

Do Your Thoughts Match Your Life?
Or Does Your Life Match Your Thoughts?

 Does the feel of your thoughts match the feel of what is in your life?

Your Life is the Result of a Series of Choices.
Your first choice is your thoughts.
Your second choice is your feeling which fuels your thoughts into becoming reality.
Your third choice is to modify

Become your own observer

From Eastern Philosophy, there is an observer within you that you can develop to observe yourself while doing life. It is choosing to become mindful of what is within you while you are interacting with life.

For instance, I suddenly am called to see my boss? What are my thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements, etc in that moment? And in the moment walking to your boss’s office? And while you are meeting with him/her?

Ask yourself what are my thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements, etc in the moments of life. What are your inner workings while interacting with physical life and people?

What are my thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements, level of comfort when…

 I am arguing with my romantic partner

I have a conflict with a coworker

I feel peace in a group of people.

 I am making love with someone special

 I am doing my job

 I am talking with a particular family member

 I am in a meeting

 I am doing a sport

Want a real challenge?

What are my thoughts, feelings, fears, excitements, level of comfort when… that #!&* driver just cut in front of me?

 …choose different scenarios

Here is a way to change some thoughts, when you are ready…

New Year! Transform the old unwanted into the New desired

Enjoy change thought by thought