TE #3 Find Parking Spot

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Not much writing in this one. Just use it some and see what happens.

Here is what I did in Austin when I wanted to park downtown. Street parking was scarce and parking garages were costly. The growth there was amazing to witness

  • Get in my car and start it.
  • Lean back, close my eyes and do some deep breathing to relax into my intuition.
  • I then imagine the block where I am going. And expand that to a few streets.
  • I imagine that when I am driving on those streets that someone magically pulls out and there’s my spot.

It worked a large majority of the time.

I think I got nervous about it happening a few times and that affects it.

Relax into your inherent intuition. The more you relax the more connected you are. Then see in your mind’s eye you pulling into a great parking spot.

Do this some. Let me know how it works.

Once you have some results, then ponder what else you can do when you know how to focus your mind for many more important benefits. My classes, coaching, etc. are to help you create a better life through Mind Mastery.

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