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I felt honored when I first realized that my life has had a grander design than I originally considered. To realize the impact is to accept the greater purpose. I appreciate anyone who places some trust in me and doing something so far outside the normal paradigms for life…is to show courage. We have to go way outside the paradigms for normality to move towards the extraordinary realm. That is where people shine.

Fantastic Client Results

  • I feel whole again.
  • I maintained my thoughts and emotions during that difficult situation with such ease.
  • I have not had a migraine since the first session.
  • I was able to not have to go on high blood pressure medicine. Lamar taught me targeted relaxation skills.
  • In college I went from academic probation to graduating with honors thanks to the study skills.
  • I slept 7 full hours after 6 years of not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up.
  • I haven’t been able to move my neck independent of my shoulders moving for 15+ years. In a session we dealt with forgiveness. Lamar recorded a Focused Thought+ custom audio cycle for me. 3 days of listening to it and I now have neck mobility.
  • I lost most of my limousine business after 9/11 tragedy. 3 hours after my session with Lamar I got a new client that paid all bills for 3 months.
  • I was in an accident and used the Stress Management Technique to minimize the tension/pain in my body.
  • I turned off the implant in my spine controlling pain after the first session.
  • (On dialysis) I have started urinating more and the tests show kidney function has increased.

This is a sampling of what can be achieved when working with your inner reality, thoughts, and focus.

Natural Processes Grows You From Within

Through a wide range of methods using multiple perspectives of the human potential I will help you bring forth who you are and what you want in life in a natural unfolding way. Because this process invokes the powers that reside within you it generally leads to profound changes that seem to come forth brilliantly bringing with it renewed energies, inspiration, motivation and often leads to permanent change…until you want it to, at least.

The results are often what I call Wholistic Results = Those desired changes in life that come with the resources, inspiration, motivation, clarity of mind and heart an inner sense of peace and knowing. They also come with renewing energies from within you that often feel youthful, fresh, light that come with thoughts of “Yes, I can. This is happening.” People feel an overall increase in wellness. Often stress-induced dis-eases

I just had a woman client, after several sessions including one energy massage, realize last week (April 2016) that she had found her own Fountain of Youth. This giggly, bubbly energy could not be suppressed because she has accomplished major tasks:

  • Bad medical diagnoses were addressed with a custom Focused Thought+ audio mind cycle blended with gratitude and more. Thus those ailments have begun to fade.
  • She feels whole again, on track, renewed in thought/feeling/energy from within.
  • removed a lot of inner debris from the old hurts, pains, etc in life. We didn’t do this through traditional forgiveness exercises. We did through bringing forth inner awarenesses and energies that moved that debris out of the way naturally healing the heart.
  • more…

satisfied This is my payoff

To see the sparkle of life again within a client’s eyes and feel it stirring within their heart stirs my soul.

A Powerful Rare Service Offered

Your life is an out-picturing of what is within you. There is a place within you that you can go into, known in brain frequency science as the alpha range, where you can reprogram your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, neurons in the brain, heart and other organs. This action is quite often crafted for you when I create a custom Focused Thought+ guided audio cycle for you to use regularly. This brings the changes forth from within.

These Focused Thought+ Mind Cycles utilize the only alternative therapy that has passed strict scientific review to be effective. This is a method to make change from the inside out and to make it deeper and more fulfilling. These are long-lasting changes when the person uses it. I first guide you to enter to an inner empowerment zone which is within you. The journey is guided by my voice, the intent, brain-training sounds, your focus and breath. These are offered when they will help you move forward, heal or achieve what you desire. We obtain the details during a session and usually record it live in the session. I then edit it and convert it to MP3 which I send to you.

Included in this process are multiple modalities combined into one more effective one. These work by setting your inner energy

What is Life Crafting?

It is guiding my client through the debris of life that hangs around so that he or she can find the steering wheel to their own life. Since this works with your inner creative tools including thoughts, beliefs, feelings, e-motions, and energies it stirs up creative energies like inspiration, motivation, effervescent feeling, hope, faith and more. When enough of the old has been rejuvenated to feel fresh and new the person may feel they have found their Fountain of Youth.

LIfe Coach - Helping hand up
A Coach, A Guide, A Hand Up


Mind Technology | Life Coach
Life Coach – Metamorphisis is available to each of us

Some of my expertise

Mental focusing agent

Mind-Heart Development is a program to expand your use of your mind while developing your creativity, intuition and much more

Stress Management and Relaxation Engineer

Licensed Spiritual Practitioner/Coach

Stress management specialist

Focused Thought+ Mind Training Cycles alter you, your life, whatever you want to enhance, change or improve in some way

I am pleased that I get to be continuously surprised by quick movement forward that clients experience. It seems as though, when someone is willing to let me in to help that quite often new ideas come in just for that client.

Your inner reality is the reason for your experiences in life. Shape your inner reality and your life becomes Your Life.

I coach you how to use the different levels of mind to gain their benefits

I am a Certified Silva Method Instructor, CSMI. I was the busiest instructor in North American teaching classes in Austin or San Antonio monthly. This program is a good primer on how to use your thoughts to cause changes within yourself and in your life. There is so much more and I needed to develop these new ideas to bring them into the world. Some programs do not want to expand.

I am so fortunate to be able to bring a synthesis of multiple approaches to tapping into the human potential. Mind/Thought Focused, Spiritual Principles and Tools, Energetic exchanges that underlie all of life, Emotional and Behavioral Impact. To use a synthesis of the different layers of life that make up who we are is to have more impact and effectiveness in helping a client change.

Energy Massages of varying types

Original Energy Massage: P.E.A.C.E. Session = Personal Energy Alignment Cleansing and Expansion

Shamanic-Style Healing Sessions

Personal Energetic Changes

Emotional Management and Guidance

Lots of tools, methods, energies to assist others.


Life Coach - Life Direction
Find your Direction – Live your Life – Make Wise Decisions

Examples of clients’ results are listed below

More money as an acupuncturist just starting out – doubled within two sessions, quadrupled within four sessions and kept increasing.

My very first coaching client was a business man with a vision. When we began he had contractors and his business was valued at less than a million dollars. Within a couple of months it was valued at well over a million dollars. Afterwards he ends up selling his company for $500 million. I should have had a contract for a percentage of his increase 😉

A person who wants a job that is more fulfilling found it after two sessions. A few options suddenly showed up.

A lady comes to me, with her doctor’s approval, and wants to find a way to avoid high blood pressure medicine. She identifies her inner triggers and learns new ways for her human system to manage each one. She does not have to go on blood pressure medicine.

– I find this interesting: I asked her if she knew of others in that situation. She does. I ask for referrals and each one would rather pop a pill than do simple things to alter their inner reality.

Life Coach - Silva Coach - Bridge to Life
Find the Bridge to a Fulfilling Life

A lady in another state who wants to learn how to calm her mind and be more effective in life to achieve a certain BIG goal that has been elusive due to family dysfunction. I train her how to empower herself and the end result no matter what the circumstances are. Within three months (2 sessions per month by phone) the contracts are signed.

Several people who cannot sleep (either go to sleep, stay asleep or go back to sleep after waking) come to a class. After just one day in a class each sleeps and stays asleep.

The young man who has been on highly toxic anti-seizure medicine for 15+ years no longer wants to be. He finds out what the neurologist needs to let him off of it. He learns these skills and achieves the goal.

– I find this interesting: The neurologist when saying the EEG was free of spikes and he could be weaned off the medicine makes a point to say that since the condition had stayed with him into young adulthood that he fully expected to see him again with a month. That was January 2008. Now what would have happened had this young man given his power to the doctor like so many people do?

Life Catalyst Coach, Mind Technology
Contact me to discuss options for your needs

The college student who moves from Academic Probation to Dean’s List: He came to me on academic probation. He learned the student study skills and test-taking skills. A year later he was on the Dean’s List which he has been on for five of the last six semesters; one semester he missed it by a 0.1. And he is taking much less time to study freeing up time to do other things.

Do you think any of these results are worth your time and investment?

What would it be worth to you to change what you want changed, achieve what you desire to achieve and live an increasingly fulfilling and successful life?

Contact me. I can help.

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