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All the secrets are within you. Discover your best self.

Every person deserves to be their best self and to live their best life. The shortcut answer is that potential is within

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”— Napoleon Hill
– author of a must-read book, Think and Grow Rich,

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It is a great gift from life to find a way to assist  others in living an increasingly better life. That energy has to run through me when I am coaching, teaching, speaking and writing. That is why after every event mentioned I am more energized and hopeful that I am going in the right direction in life.

Brain and Heart Neural Rewiring for gaining Mind Mastery and more control over body pains, aches and problems. This is the most often results reported.  

A Progression of Personal Development that seems unbelievable, if it was not reported so often

Getting Desired Results is the Name of the Game
New practitioner practice

I coached someone who just became licensed in her new career as a particular type of wellness healing practitioner. She just started out and was not making enough weekly. In just two sessions we doubled this income which was still in the 3 digits. And now two months later, last week she made it into 4 digits and made more than six to seven times what she was making that first week we began. And this week is still in the 4 digits and is about 5 times that first week’s income.

Success is initiated when we are using skills that focus
our thoughts to a particular endeavor.

Entrepreuner makes it big

My very first coaching client was a business man with an already small and growing firm. I had just spent 30 days on the island of Maui, Hawaii. My second time to live (and previously work) in paradise; Bali was the other. This time it was to attend an intensive training. When I got home I needed to practice it. I called this new friend, nervous at the thought, having known him for a short time. He loved the idea.

When we began he had contractors and his business was valued at less than a million dollars. I facilitated him in finding his own answers for what his business is about. He realized he wanted to have employees to take care of. In one session he described the new office space he wanted… although he had never seen it. I guided him in a way to describe . This idea was his. Within a week he called me and had ‘stumbled upon’ the office space that fit his exact description of features he wanted. He leased it.

He developed a new and creative idea for the stock market during the dot-com bubble of the 1990s. I used primarily a video feedback technique to draw from his own intelligence the details of what he knew his business would thrive from… and my, did it thrive.

A desire does not occur in us unless we are equipped
with all that it takes to fulfill this desire. 

Within a couple of months it was valued at well over a million dollars A few years later he sold this company for $500 million. Note to self: Write a contract for a percentage of financial increase 😉

– I helped him find his base, grounded strength and wisdom within himself to bring forth this company in an authentic manner which builds a strong foundation. He realized he wanted employees rather than contractors. One session he described precisely the qualities and some physical features of the new office space. He had begun considering a move. Before the next session (these were every two weeks at his office) he called me excited saying that the had just found the most perfect office space with exactly the features that came out of him through his innate intelligence about his business.

He sold his company for $500 million to Charles Schwab

How this works for you: I know that all the answers for your business idea are accessible by your human intelligence system. Since you received that idea it means you were ready and that you are uniquely the person to get all the answers to make that seed of an idea into a growing and thriving business. When someone says they have the right system for you… go the other direction and contact me. I do not have to have the blueprint. I just help you find it.

Looking for a job matching the qualities and type of work she desired

A person who wants a job that is more fulfilling, much closer to home, using the skills she loves to do… thought she found it after two sessions then. A few options suddenly showed up and she picked one.

Doctor approves her not going on high blood pressure medication

A lady comes to me, with her doctor’s approval, to find a way to avoid high blood pressure medicine. She identifies her inner triggers and learns new ways for her human system to manage each one. She does not have to go on blood pressure medicine.

Part of her underlying systemic stress – that is what hypertension is – came from unresolved family issues in the past. I guided her through the forgiveness process and she used a customized mind directing cycle – we recorded in a session – nightly. Suddenly while driving to work a few days later she turned her neck to look at traffic… this was big. For 15+ years she had to turn her shoulder to get her neck to turn. No doctor or chiropractor had been able to help her. There is always something underneath the surface issue. It just becomes how willing are you to make a change in life… a good change?

This was an emotional lock for her. Many people have emotional locks where a big chunk of a person’s life energy is sort of stuck in a particularly painful event in time. It is an old technique to reexperience it to release the emtions. I’ve had that done and it works as best as it can. I use a very customizable way to

Meditation and mental focus helps her to avoid having to go on medication

– I find this interesting: I asked her if she knew of others in that situation. She does. I ask for referrals and each one would rather pop a pill than do simple things to alter their inner reality. Many months later a particularly frightful event happened and she chose the medicine. A pill or a prayer is what Ernest Holmes used to say; founder of Science of Mind philosophy. She said she would work towards improving that but did not ask for help.

Find the Bridge to a Fulfilling Life

A friend in another state who wanted to learn how to calm her mind and be more effective in life. She has several strong goals within her to accomplish. One of them was a BIG goal that has been elusive due to family dysfunction. I train her the basics of using the mind in two of the modes it is designed to utilize. Then she learns how to empower herself and effectively visualize the end result no matter what the circumstances are. Within three months (2 sessions per month by phone) the contracts are signed. This is also a situation that is a win for everyone involved. Guideline: When we establish our desired outcome so that everyone involves win then we are in alignment with life and things happen magically, at times.

Get off sleep aids – Remember how to sleep naturally again

Several people who cannot sleep (either go to sleep, stay asleep or go back to sleep after waking) come to a class. After just one day in a class 80%-90% of them end up sleeping well for many more hours just that Saturday night after the first day of class.

One particular woman had taken classes from me when I taught adult classes at Austin Community College for several semesters. She had remained on my email list for many years without direct communication. She contacted me and asked if I could help. She had spent over $6000 looking for a way to stay asleep for more than four hours without waking up for the day. She was the first person to report Sunday morning she slept for seven restful hours for the first time in six years. And she got to dream which made her happy.

Stop needing anti-seizure medication & stop having migraine headaches

The young man who has been on highly toxic anti-seizure medicine for 15+ years no longer wants to be. At age twenty one he finds out what the neurologist needs to let him get off of it: a sleep-deprived EEG with no signs of spikes. He uses the Mind directing skills and achieves the goal.

– It is interesting: The neurologist reported the EEG test was free of spikes and he could be weaned off the medicine. At the end he makes a point to say that since the condition had stayed with him into adulthood that he fully expected to see him again next month. That was January 2008. Now what would have happened had this young man given his power to the doctor like so many people do? And he was directing his human system to cause a change, a real physical change in its operating frequency patterns. Pretty amazing to me still. Is it worth it to learn these skills for this sort of purpose – and it is applicable to any area of life when you make a choice to improve that area? There is nearly always a way for resolution, peace and health.

From Academic probation to graduate with honors

The college student who moves from Academic Probation to Dean’s List: He learned the easy to master student study skills – how to study effectively and implant the information deeper into your memory for greater comprehension and to me on academic probation. He learned the student study skills and test-taking skills. A year later he was on the Dean’s List which he has been on for five of the last six semesters; one semester he missed it by a 0.1. And he is taking much less time to study freeing up time to do other things.


A woman who after several sessions coaching, guiding and doing energy massage, realized on April 2016 that she had found her own Fountain of Youth. This giggly, bubbly energy could not be suppressed because she has accomplished major tasks:

  • Bad medical diagnoses were addressed with a custom Brain and heart neural reprogramming audio mind cycle blended with gratitude and more. Thus those ailments have begun to fade.
  • She dropped her meds by more than half and was doing better. Her doctor visit showed things good with this.
  • She was walking with greater ease
  • She allowed me to guide her into creating a healing environment within her consciousness. The healing then naturally began to do what it is best at: heal.
  • She feels whole again, on track, renewed in thought/feeling/energy from within.
  • removed a lot of inner debris from the old hurts, pains, etc in life. We didn’t do this through traditional forgiveness exercises. We did through bringing forth inner awarenesses and energies that moved that debris out of the way naturally healing the heart.
  • more…
Contact me to discuss options for your dreams, needs and desires. It is awesome to have great change

Do you think any of these results are worth your time and investment? Remember that a small change introduced into one’s thought process, done by you, will result in noticeable change in life.

What would it be worth to you to change what you want changed, achieve what you desire to achieve and live an increasingly fulfilling and successful life?

I look forward to connecting. Let’s go from there.

  • I feel whole again.
  • I maintained my thoughts and emotions during that difficult situation with such ease.
  • I have not had a migraine since the first session.
  • I was able to not have to go on high blood pressure medicine. Lamar taught me targeted relaxation skills. We reprogrammed her stress response to particular situations allowing her to be in that perfect ‘focused and relaxed’ state of being. She is in charge of her stress now.
  • In college I went from academic probation to graduating with honors thanks to the brain neural rewiring study skills.
  • I slept 7 full hours after 6 years of not being able to sleep for more than 3 hours without waking up. That was after just the first day of class.
  • I haven’t been able to move my neck independent of my shoulders moving for 15+ years. In a session we dealt with forgiveness. Lamar recorded a Focused Thought+ custom audio cycle for me. 3 days of listening to it and I now have neck mobility.
  • I lost most of my limousine business after 9/11 tragedy. 3 hours after my session with Lamar I got a new client that paid all bills for 3 months.
  • I was in an accident and used the Stress Management Technique to minimize the tension/pain in my body. When I was cut out of my car, the fireman was puzzled wondering how I so easily stood up and moved. He does not know I used the very simple and quick 3-2-1-0 process to completely relax my body.
  • I turned off the implant in my spine that controlled pain after the first session. Now I stop the pain with my thoughts. Within 6 months I was off morphine 2x/day with multiple ocxycontins daily.
  • (On dialysis) I have started urinating more and two tests show kidney function has increased.

This is a sampling of what can be achieved when working with the power for good that is always within you.