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Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in It

Goethe, providence move, bold, courage, commitment
Commitment is a powerful cure

What will you do once you have fear and do it anyway?

I have placed a favorite poem that I use for inspiration here on the Curious Mind News blog: Goethe’s Concerning Acts of Creation.

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 What is your boldness?

I first experienced this power through a minister friend of mine, Rev. Marilyn Miller site, in California did for me. I was new to experiencing the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment and had begun taking classes in the Science of Mind philosophy (previously done through Religious Science churches that are now renamed as Centers for Spiritual Living). I was living in Port Hueneme, California and working for the global Halliburton Energy Services as a Technical Sales Representative.

I had one of those bosses from hell. He was an extreme micro manager. I had just been promoted to run the Ventura Operation in charge of the trucks, clients, crews and engineers. He was never supportive. He told me to learn how to be the manager. I did and when I took actions he disagreed with he would override those. One time I changed asset assignment. He bitched and switched it back.

Since I was learning more self awareness and the spiritual basis for things in life that are not working… I realized that he WAS the  incarnation of my father. Yikes! Now what.

I asked my Rev. Marilyn. Now, I knew these Spiritual Mind Treatments were provided to people every Sunday but that is all I knew. She did one of these treatments specifically for me concerning this problem. Within one week, as Goethe says, providence moved. This global corporation changed its entire structure. The operations, of which I was the manager, was pulled back to the Bakersfield office. I was left as the sole employee for that division of Halliburton (wireline data collection and analysis) and I was the Technical Sales Representative for Southern California. I now reported to the Sales Manager in Bakersfield, not that other manager who gave me the gift of self awareness so that I could change.

Sometimes you just say: Thank you a-hole for the gift you gave me 😉



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Life difficulties: An Empowering Perspective

Agape International Spiritual Center

I am always inspired when I get to attend, via the internet, Agape International Spiritual Center and hear the living mystic known as Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

There is something transformational about listening to the right message at the right time from the right person. Thank you, professor Beckwith. Love to you. Thank you for preparing the way for us to walk our best and expansive life of service.


I have been struggling with ‘getting’ what the last year has been about for me. Admittedly I have spent too much time trying to understand it, taking away from my forward-moving focus. I have had an enormous amount of #!%@ thrown my way starting in September 2010, so much so that my life does not even resemble what it was last year. THANK GOD!

I do not have the same income. 90% of it dropped away because the president of the training organization I taught for dropped me without a single consideration or word, spoken or written. This has taken some major adjustments to compensate for, mentally, emotionally, psychically, physically and spiritually; every -ly.

I do not live in the same place because I had to cut expenses. I found out that ‘friends’ ran for the hills. Many other traumatizing events that I do not wish to dig up right now. You can read hear what I did to get past it

Yes, that was the most horrifying place I have ever been as an adult. AND the truth is I was trying to fit into a global mind development training system that does not have room for an expansive soul. I have more to offer than that one simple method. I kept trying to squash myself, my visions and my ideas in order to fit in. I overlooked their indiscretions for more than three years. I finally got it: stop giving new opportunities to them to expand and update their method. They do not want it. And stop asking for help for my students because they are not interested. It was all falling on deaf ears. These opportunities must be for me.

I kept thinking “it must be me. I have to grow. Other teachers have been with them for over forty years. It must be me.” That is what the abused says to them self when they are trying to excuse the abuser. Some may think that may be an extreme place for me to take this to… it does apply in the manner in which things were handled.

Pain pushes until Vision pulls – Michael Beckwith

A Moment for Awakening

My life does not yet look anywhere close to where it is evolving into. Room for growth!

Can you feel the old, clingy, sappy, resentful energy in some of what I wrote above?

Is there an area in your life that you have some resentments?

Do you realize the price you pay for staying in that energy?
Has your life slowed down?
Do you find yourself complaining too much?
Are your thoughts full of bad thoughts towards others?
Is  your energy for life low?

Today’s opportunity

I heard Michael Beckwith say this:

A lot of chronic issues in life are a result of either:

  1. Trying to extract happiness from a world and life that is too small for you and/or
  2. That issue is bringing you a gift, a talent to activate within yourself (we’re growing a quality within us that is seeking to come forth)

When the 2 by 4s come fast and hard it is because you’ve broken a promise to your soul about what you are to do in this life. These are the lessons I set myself up for. They are coming hard and fast because I did not listen to the quiet voice within me telling me to make the change.

Truth is: I had three ‘readers’ who had told me in the previous two years to get out of that international company because they will screw you over. Those are the words of the channeler from Colorado and from an Akashic Record reader in Austin. I had already had many ‘small’ instances that I could have chosen to heed. Instead I chose to go along to get along just like the teachers that are still in the system told me they have had to for decades.

So, I had plenty of warning but I kept believing in something that wasn’t.

What I thought was a safe place to express my gifts to students and the world was not my safe place. It works for those who are still there. It does not work for me. They have the exercise I gave them that is being taught to the world, for which there was no recognition. I release that in grateful gratitude.

Stuck in a box?
Stuck in a box?

Minimal set points of society or Major set points for Living

Beckwith continued: society has set minimal points for which are good for us to follow: don’t cheat, lie and steal. But your calling does not vibrate at these minimal set points. There is no reason to squash yourself to just live by those. You have a greater set of points to live by and resonate with.

This calling does not fit into a small vision for living. It requires much more.


If you find yourself having a lot of difficulties in life change your perspective. Society has trained us to try to fit into ‘what was’. This requires you make yourself wrong, disempower yourself and shrink to fit into ‘what was’.

Instead realize that life is telling you to make some changes. Grow. Evolve. Expand your offerings to life. Live your purpose. Your new self does not fit into that old world. Say a resounding ‘YES’ within your self and mean it with all that you are.

And when your logical mind projects its fears into your future tell it: sshhh, I am in control and I am choosing to do this. When it says “but you do not have enough (fill in the blank)”. Tell it “I am doing it anyway”. When it says “I’m afraid to fail”. Say “I am doing it anyway”.

You are here to live a life of purpose. And Life is always conspiring on your behalf to bring you your highest good and your best life.

Let it. Listen to it. Heed it. Change, evolve and grow into your best life.

When you do this you give permission to someone else to say a resounding ‘YES’ to their own souls.

Blessings and share your thoughts and dreams in the comments.

Learning, Loving and Growing,

Lamar Irwin


Taz – A Sweet Strong Spirited Companion

Taz a Spirited and Loved cat
My sweet strong spirited Taz. I love you.

Today, Wednesday, September 21, 2011 at about 5:30 pm cst… Taz passed away.

October of 1994 or 1995 I was living in Port Hueneme, California; Oxnard, Ventura area. My housemate was Donna Vondera. It had been a year since Tidak had passed away from biting a poisonous spider. Tidak is Indonesian for the word Know and was part of one of my favorite sayings: tidak apa apa which literally means ‘know what what’. It was used to say ‘if god wills it will happen’.

Whenever I have a new animal I say different words to see what the pet responds to. I then zero in on their name. I tried all kinds of words when I first got him looking for his name. Different words I had learned living in different countries mixed with english words. It took a long time and one day I said you are just like a Tasmanian Devil. So I tried Taz. Each time he would perk up. So that fit his strength of spirit and he responded to it.

It was time for a new kitty. We went to the Ventura Pet Adoption clinic. They had two cats up for adoption. One was a fuzzy long hair cat that would stay in any position you put him in and let you hold him and did not resist. Then they brought it this gorgeous little white kitty full of spunk. He had a little bit of gold on the tips of his ears and tail. He was feisty. He did not accept being put into any position. His spirit was strong. They told me they had rescued him by a dumpster in the rain and estimated he was between five and six months old. So they said his birth would have been in June of that year. They told me that his tribe is Flame Point Siamese and that breed bonds to one person as its mother. He would need a lot of attention for at least six months and for that time it would be good to make sure someone was always around. And to make sure I spent the most time with him. Luckily Donna worked night shift so she could be there during the day.

I like a strong spirit so we left with this cute fiery white fur ball. They had me sign an agreement that he would be an indoor cat.

For most of his life he was like a dog to me. He would follow me from one room to another. He would make sure to lay within a few feet of me although he could only handle a little bit of physical closeness before he would jump out of my arms. It was an energy thing. He wanted to be in my energy field. If I went out of town for the night Andrew and others told me he would cry when I was gone.

His Spirit proved to be very strong. He would try to bite my finger when I shook it at him and said ‘no’. He would sit there and lap up water when I tried a water gun that is used to train most cats. Luckily, with that spirit, he came house trained.

In fact the first time I took a bath after I had him he climbed up on the edge of the tub and would play in the water with his paw. He always wanted to get in the tub/shower directly after I was out of it. He would stand next to the shower and let me drip water on him then use that to clean himself. Then there times he would sit in the tub and do his kitty prayer to the water spout god as he stared directly at where the water came out. Plus he would rub up against the water knob hoping to turn it on. Luckily he could not.

In California, I lived in a 3-story skinny house that was built on a small lot that was less than a mile from the ocean on the Port Hueneme strip of land jutting out into the ocean. As a kitten he would have made a ferocious neighborhood cat. He was muscular and over twenty pounds. But I had signed that agreement and I decided to keep that agreement. Cats are supposed to live a better and longer life when they are indoors. My two previous cats, Tidak and Mavro (greek word for black – he was a big shiny black cat), both died as a result of being outside. I grew up with cats on the farmland and was used to letting them be free. I decided I would keep Taz indoors.

Back to his strong spirit. He loved to swat the back of my heel when I was walking down the stairs. One time he did that one too many times. I grabbed him and put him right to my face and said: If you do that again I will take you back. That is the first time I realized that he understood me. He never ever swatted at my heel again. He heard me. That does not mean he did not ever show that spirit again. It is just that he stopped that behavior right then.

After I quit that corporate job I moved back to Austin. My friend, Mark, flew over from Denver to drive with me and Taz from California to Austin. I had a pet carrier. It was a funny scene… Taz was like the comic cat Garfield when I tried to put him in that carrier. All four legs went out so that he would not fit through the door. I would hold two of his legs and get them in but I could not get the other two in the opening. This was so funny; he was winning. I finally got him in the carrier and closed the door.

He howled and cried and made noises until I opened that door. Now, this is a cat who did not ever meow. Once I opened the door he would stay in the carrier… just do not close that door. I had it where he could come sit on mine or Mark’s lap and then he’d go back into the carrier. Just do not close him out from what was happening.

When we stopped in Flagstaff, Arizona and checked into a hotel that did not allow animals. I snuck him into the room in the elevator in his carrier and under a big blanket. The next day we drove through Sedona and saw the beauty in that region. We did a couple of short hikes up to the magical energy vortexes that are in Sedona. Such beauty.

It is funny he never once meowed like cats do. I thought that was a natural part of being a cat but maybe he never heard his mother, since he was abandoned, and learned to do that??? Less than seven years ago I decided to meow to him a lot and to pretend I was talking to him. Maybe he would pick it up. He did. About a month or so after I started meowing to him often he made a little meow squeak. I really was his mother teaching him the cat ways 😉 He began to meow ever so often but never was a big talker. It seemed just to get my attention if his water was not fresh or his box needed cleaning.

A year and a half ago he lost his muscle mass and became a very thin cat. In the last couple of weeks it became obvious it was his time. Andrew and I took him to a vet hospital today. It was, of course, hard to do but best for him.

There are some spirits you remember throughout your life. Those spirits that touched you deeply. I remember one other pet with the same connection, my dog Tuffy who died while I lived overseas. The past seventeen years have been major change and ups and downs. Taz was there with me always. His spirit was sharp. He would come to me when I felt bad. He was that presence.

I know we are connected in our life travels. I know we will meet again. I expect him to become one of my stronger guides on the other side.

I love you Taz. I will think of you and feel your energy around me.

Happy trails.

Meow, Lamar

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Saying ‘I need…’ is an Opportunity


Find a New Bridge to your Power
Find a New Bridge to your Personal Power

I need = actually means I need some help to activate a new potential within me.

I heard this concept from Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape International Spiritual Center. Then I took it deeper into my own experience.

When you say ‘I need’ (something). It really means that you need to activate that power within yourself. It is time to find your power in that area of life. And your spirit is reaching out asking someone for help to grow. What a different perspective from the norm?!

There are multiple mind-sets that different people come from when saying ‘I need…’ And it always means the same thing no matter how it is heard.

This ‘I need’ statement is said from the belief and the feeling that life is happening TO you. Actually, you are now in the doorway of a new opportunity to be guided into a new level of personal power and away from the societal norm of victim-hood. I understand this mind set very well. Having grown up in an alcoholic household where other dysfunctions happened I chose something very different in my early adulthood. I chose to purge that past and to learn better ways to manage myself and life. Having done this process of going from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’ many times I understand the inner process to transition into my power and away from my pain.

As Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith says: Pain pushes until Vision pulls

It is difficult at times and even 20+ years after my Spiritual Awakening (which happened on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia) I have to catch that old mischievous thought pattern when it pops up once in a while.

Whac-a-mole your old thought patterns
Whac-a-mole old thought patterns to Establish New Thought patterns

Back when I first became aware of this and began the journey it was like a game of whac-a-mole. I would handle one area of life and then this belief that it was happening to me would pop up in another area of life. Then I would handle that one… and then it would pop up in another area of life… on and on. That is what we sign up for when we want to remove ourselves from the stream of normality and delve into our true nature and live the life we came here to live… not the life that others would have us live.

Then when someone has grown into their power and, for me, I have become an authority on personal growth, spiritual development, mental focus, stress management, etc via coaching, teaching, speaking, writing, et al, there will still be times when life feels like it is happening to us… once again. New opportunities to grow!

There is a song: Life is calling me a little bit deeper than before. (If I find a link I’ll connect it here)

This happened several  months ago in the biggest way it has ever occurred in my adult life with authorities attacking me, slandering me, people gossiping (talking about me and not to me), financial income disappeared without any warning and every single aspect in my life (except my partner and cat) became topsy-turvy. That is when the teacher, me, needed help which was not quick in forthcoming from friends and others, perhaps representing my stubbornness to not change? Perhaps representing time for upgrades in the friends department of my life?

From terror to peace

Sometimes the path seems lonely
Sometimes the path seems lonely

It really was a bad dream. Almost every person who I thought cared about me and was part of my friend, student or spiritual support system, whether I knew them for a few years or for a decade, would disappear when I reached out for help; one long-term person even attacked me with her partner’s help for having these problems in life. Blaming me for being down and kicking me through her projection of blame. Whew, this was turning into an additional lesson to develop my wisdom about friendships and who I extend my heart to. Plus a clear sign to go within myself to be led to the answers.

I knew where I needed to be in my mind/heart/nervous system set point but I could not find the way to get there by myself.  As I felt those old feelings of being consumed by other peoples’ crap and I felt as though I was drowning ‘under’ the old way of perceiving life I reached that point of proclaiming ‘I am not going to take it anymore!’


That is when I finally reached out to a shaman friend, Joy, from New Zealand – lives in South America currently. It took her knowing for me, guiding me and using her skills for me to find a new and much deeper sense of personal power and to create a new self-identity from this new level of comprehension, depth and power.

Everyone in life plays their roles perfectly for us to grow into our True Selves

And to realize that EVERYONE in life plays their roles for me to find more personal power and for me to dig deeper within so that I rise above it. I had to claim this even for the antagonists, even the gossipers, even those who lied, even those friends who did not have the ability/willingness to help when needed, even the persons who promised help and did not deliver when I asked, even the head of an international training organization who slandered and attacked me as I kept finding ways to resolve things and sought peace with her, even the landlord whose home was a health hazard as determined by the city, even the previous spiritual support people who were not there, even… on and on…

Need a Hand Up the Mountain Climb
Need a Hand Up the Mountain Climb

I NEEDED help to find my new footing into a deeper and new level of life.

Life is always providing us opportunities to achieve our dreams

and to find our power. It is not always pretty and tidy.

Joy used her skills to hold my hand (via Skype) and take me through the process. I found it. Hallelujah!

It was then that I could stop saying ‘I need…’ Instead I could now proclaim ‘I have found a new self within me’ and begin to integrate this new perspective and new awareness to unleash this Universal power into my life. That is when things first began to turn around. It then continued to unfold as I integrated it into all those areas that simultaneously needed a life upgrade. It took a while to integrate because it was in so many areas of life (friends, supporters, self perception, home, finances, business, auto, etc). I was discovering how to come from this new self with Universal power in each affected area of life. It was time to do my inner work using these new skills and perspectives.

A long time ago I signed up for a life that was different from the societal norm.

In my late twenties I moved to Denver where two close friends had moved to. We did constant spiritual exploration together; reading, meditating, workshops, trying to channel, etc. We each committed within ourselves in our own ceremony that our individual primary commitment for the rest of life was to our personal growth and to the spirit inside us coming forth in life. I signed up for it and this is what it requires at times to achieve it.

Considering the situation that began in 2010, nine months later I am seeing the benefits beginning to show up in my external life. All that inner work is now causing external changes that reflect the new person inside. PLUS the greatest reward is that I feel like a different and new person. I am much wiser, my vision is much clearer and my service comes from a much deeper place within me.

Realizing the Healing Powers Within
Realizing the Healing Powers Within

This is what Personal Freedom feels like

I have such a profound change in life that I feel more empowered and capable; those aren’t even enough words to convey the deep swirling of energies that I now feel more constantly inside me. The conscious path may seem daunting or even impossible at times… And you can be guaranteed one thing: on the other side of the mountain climb lies the fields of glory where the rewards will be reaped for a lifetime.

And it all began with an ‘I need…’ statement that turned into a journey of a lifetime.

Now, to continue my journey, mission and purpose.

Thanks for reading/listening. Supportive questions and comments are welcome.

My blessing for you

May you find your way through the weeds of other peoples’ control over your life onto your own unique path to find your True and Authentic Self to unleash your Soul’s Dreams to be made manifest. May you hear the gentle and loving voice of your guidance to walk this path and proclaim to the world: I AM HERE AND I AM READY TO SHINE!

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Gossip & Effective Communication



Be Impeccable With Your Word. Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love.        ~  Miguel Angel Ruiz, a great book ‘The Four Agreements’

(Some of you may read between the lines.)

I was extremely fortunate that once I had moved back from living in other countries being an engineer that I was referred to an incredible teacher, Frank Natale, who shattered my reality as I knew it; in good ways. He took people into the depths of their being and experiences beyond anything anyone could have imagined and beyond any teacher I have met to date… for those who were willing. It was all about being authentic to oneself, going into the depths of your own inner matrix and discovering who you are from the inside out. At times I consider it was boot camp for my soul… and just as tough with the best rewards ever.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Frank was about gossip and effective communication. His trainings were experiential so he would set up exercises for you to learn lessons directly with the other participants. We learned the truth about the intent, behavior and content of gossip. And we learned what it says about the nature of the gossiper. These struck me deeply and altered the way I communicate with people, permanently. Thankfully this was when I was in my twenties.

Gossip is not the Truth

A cruel story runs on wheels, and every hand oils the wheels as they run.       ~  Ouida

The first thing to learn is that once one person tells a story to someone then that person says it to a second person then it goes to a third person and by now the content is different from what was first said. It begins to barely resemble the original story and will soon become a pack of lies. For the most part gossip is built on lies by the time you hear it. I have done this when I taught Effective Communication classes in business and spiritual centers and it always occurs.

gossip hurtsGossip operates with peoples’ unclean energies

Good gossip is just what’s going on. Bad gossip is stuff that is salacious, mean, and bitchy; the kind most people really enjoy.        ~  Liz Smith

The biggest lessons involved the ones learned by the heart and mind through those experiences. The personal energies involved in gossip are not clean. Think about the intent of someone who says bad things about someone else, especially if they never intend to resolve it to their face. Could there be anything positive that comes from talking about someone rather than talking directly to them? I know many people who walk away from gossip including myself. A person who gossips likes to work with negative energies. Like attracts like.

Gossiper’s intent

Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip.        ~  Richard Steele

If someone desires resolution then they do what is necessary to resolve things. When someone desires to harm someone else they do what is necessary to do so. Therefore the intent of the person who gossips is clear… it is a negative intent that comes from one’s own malice in her own heart.

Gossip is a Behavior

He gossips habitually; he lacks the common wisdom to keep still that deadly enemy of man, his own tongue.        ~  Mark Twain

The other thing to know about gossip is that if you listen to a person gossip about someone then you can bet your bottom dollar that when you walk away that same person will be gossiping about you to someone else. Gossip is a learned behavior. If a person gossips it is the way they have learned to do so. The good news is that we can always change our behavior once we become aware of it and desire to be better and better human beings.

Positive Facades are a dead giveawayGossip hurts

A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.        ~  Billy Graham

Another truth is that those who you meet who claim to function effectively in a positive bubble are quite often the ones who have the most malicious intent in their hearts. These are the rosey optimists who have a nice façade but you do not dare want to go deeper and find the energy underneath. This is only natural. Life is about highs and lows and our control is in perceiving them and adapting appropriately. Those who think that their lives should be just positive do not handle criticism or feedback… therefore it builds up and becomes malice. This can be a result of some kind of substance abuse that is not fully healed.

Requirements for resolution

To resolve something with another person there are 3 basic requirements:

  1. Both people must be willing which means adjusting one’s personal frequency to the frequency of resolution
  2. Both people must talk to each other not about each other
  3. Both people must be willing to own their own truth in the matter and to listen to the other person’s truth in order to learn from it

Gossip does not solve anything since it is never addressed to the person for whom it would make a difference. It can never ever lead to resolution. Never! It exists at the frequency of ill intent towards others.

The Golden RuleGreat Rule

There is a great rule to follow:  Do not say anything about someone else that you have not or will not discuss with them. This takes the negative intent out of your communication.

I know that for me, having worked in global corporations and other companies after having this training I was not someone to hang out at the water cooler, so to speak. I adopted a habit of finding ways to excuse myself when someone would start to gossip. That is when I developed my internal points of reference where I could detect the energy of someone’s communication and tell if it was gossip as they began to talk. I have been known to just walk away. I do not choose to be in that energy and to facilitate malicious intent. It is under my conscious choice and control.

I know that through the years I have slipped at times and corrected myself. And I know that I have picked up the phone at times to speak directly with someone who was important to me to understand what I was hearing. Sometimes these became a great clearing leading to a closer connection with someone. This is an adopted behavior that has helped me to find authentic people to play with in life. It has made for less quantity of friends but much better quality of friends; people who are willing to be real with each other with minimal facades and use clear, honest and effective communication.

The Truth is always revealed about the Gossiper    Truth wins out

What I do know is that when there is gossip, give it enough time and quite often you will hear the truth about the originator of the gossip and witness how their malicious intent will come to the surface. Keep watching. The truth always surfaces. That is a law of life.

Note: I never have claimed nor will I ever claim to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. I do not desire to be that perfect presenter who claims no problems in life. My goal is to be authentic and to do my best to help others grow from my multidisciplinary trainings as a teacher. Therefore, as a teacher my life is transparent to those who desire to grow with me. Contact me if you hear something and desire clarity.

Very sincerely,


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Amazing Grace in Action


I just watched both parts of the Oprah Farewell Spectacular shows. Yes, they have been on my DVR since May 23 and 24. I didn’t want to see the end. Give me a break; have you ever visited the state of denial?

Intertwined with my love, my awe and my tears I feel such a deep and soul-felt gratitude for the multitude of gifts I have received from watching a lot of Oprah Winfrey shows over the years. I have received emotional, physical, mental and spiritual gifts in the forms of insights, ah ahs and self recognitions directly because of who she is. Her own recognition of who she is and her willingness to do what she is born to do while operating in the energy of an amazing grace is what is truly transmitted across the airwaves. It is who she is that people detect without realizing it.

I first found her show while living in Houston after having done the most profound and life-façade-shattering work with a man named Frank Natale, The Natale Institute. It is as if he helped me to excavate the path through the debris that was my upbringing to show me the depths that lay within me then Oprah joined in to show and teach me many steps along the way for the next 25 years.

Oprah is a human being who, it sounds like, never lost touch with her spiritual self. Watching Oprah being herself and getting better somehow made me want to be myself and get better. Thank you. Namaste

It makes me wonder…

What am I to do with the rest of my life?

What is Source’s vision for me that requires relying on a healthy partner?

How deeply will I go within myself to find the path to do so?

What about you?

Affirmation Creativity Freedom Life's Gifts Personal Qualities Self Empowerment


A few of us went downtown Austin for the 4th of July Fireworks and the Austin Symphony Orchestra. It was fun to be along Town Lake and it was a good show.

As I was laying back and staring at the sky I wondered what Freedom means to me. There are the standard concepts… A founding principle of this nation in our Bill of Rights is freedom. Our troops help us maintain our freedom. I think of an eagle, fireworks, sparklers.

Then I began to wonder: What does Freedom Mean to People on a very personal level? When someone thinks or says ‘freedom’ what is it that is going on inside. I first think about our Free Will, a quality of our thought process that we are born with and I cherish very dearly. This assures me that my thoughts are ultimately my choice. I get to choose them… And knowing as much as we know about how Thoughts Create Reality then there is always room for hope. We can always change our lives by first changing our thoughts. This is one thing about the Silva Method classes that is generally not spoken about; it teaches you how to think differently giving you management privileges and skills for your thought processes. Very empowering.

Then I considered those great feelings I have experienced many times in life; a visceral sense of freedom that comes when a set of old stale patterns/beliefs/thoughts melt away.  That sense of freedom that comes when somehow, some way I feel as though the mental walls of my life’s possibilities has rapidly expanded. This usually can occur in classes that focus on personal experience. [I am working to bring back a transformational weekend experience I used to do; it was titled Creating Real Magic. This class was an environment for people to let go of their old walls and to imagine going beyond them.]

Then I wondered about how many times my own limiting and personally oppressive thinking has held me back. The joyous part of that realization is to then feel the personal freedom I just reclaimed for my living. I now get to use my imagination and think more expansive thoughts that will lead me to a more expansive life. Freedom is an aspect in the environment of life in which I have the Free Will to choose the direction of my life. This, to me, is a new opportunity to feel greater joy and love about my life. The sense that the intent of life is leading us on an upward spiral and providing us with what we desire is reassuring.

“The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.” Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind

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Masterful Monday Meditations

Mondays 7-8 pm
Donations accepted, not required

Announcing a new meditation group on Monday evenings from 7-8 pm in south Austin.

I am a Science of Mind-trained Practitioner. Three of us Practitioners have come together to begin this meditation group to offer regular meditations on Monday evenings. We will be alternating the lead of this group and will be varying the meditation styles.

Location is close to William Cannon Dr at Brodie Ln in South Austin just off Mopac. Since this is held at a private residence I won’t post the address here. Just contact me and I’ll get you the info.

You can join the Google Group:

Austin Masterful Monday Meditations


Finding a lost item

So, I got home about 8:30 from teaching Silva Life System to hypnotists in Boerne, Texas. Great class. One of my best yet; the last half of this year have had some of the most impactful and energy-filled classes. Good reason to refresh…

Monday I had to go somewhere and my wallet was not where I usually put it. I was feeling tired so I just casually looked for it, remembering when I last had it. I knew it would show up sometime that day. By the time I needed to leave to make a deposit and go set up someone’s computer system, I still didn’t know where my wallet was.

So, I finally went to use a Silva Method technique to find it…

I went to level and visualized the last time I remember touching it planning to trace what I did next with it. I did briefly see where it was but didn’t trust it fully as it was a “light” impression.

So, I did another technique. I cleared my mind visualized the wallet then asked where it is. I cleared my mind and listened for the first words. They were not strong either.

So, I did one that works well for me. At level I visualized and moved my hands as if I was touching and feeling around my wallet; these are strong memories since I’ve had it for a couple of years at least. I brought back those feelings, smells and memories. Then I started to connect with the energy of the wallet and made that energy strong. After doing this I programmed that energy that it would immediately draw my attention to it when I was close by.

Finally, as a cap off to confirm it will happen… I made up a program saying that I was going to count from 1 to 5. At the count of 5 I will open my eyes and will immediately be drawn to where the wallet is located. I will find it and it will be effortless.

I carried out the plan, opened my eyes and was drawn immediately to the pair of short pants I was wearing last night and found my wallet in a pocket. This was where I first saw it with my first attempt.

Hopefully it is useful  ideas on how to apply the Silva Method concepts to finding a lost item.

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An Angel Appeared

Pondering Life
Pondering Life

On Wednesdays from 11 am to 1 pm I am at the Center for Spiritual Living, Greater Austin to hold the consciousness for the community and to offer donation-based Spiritual Mind Treatments. [NOTE: Since the center is moving, I will not be doing this until we find another space.]

I was there two weeks ago and had one of those “real moments” that make life valuable.

I was in treatment for the center and I heard the door open. This lady I did not recognize came in. She introduced herself as Melissa. She said that she was riding by (on her bike) and was reminiscing about a time before we were using this space. I invited her to look around. I then got to witness a beautiful event as seen from the heart.

Evidently our space used to be an AA office. 15+ years ago she came in, scared, shoe-less and needing a miracle. She had no shoes in her life, was staying drunk and other bad things which I will not write here. She pointed to the spot just inside our sanctuary and said that she sat there as far in the back away from the speaker in the front as possible – scared to death. She was so withdrawn and non-trusting that no one could touch her.

At one point a woman at that meeting came over and told her that she was going to braid her hair. She has very long hair down to her lower back. Melissa did not object. A tear started streaming down her face as she recounted this memory and let this unknown woman braid her hair. She said at that moment her “armor” started to crack a little bit.

She then pointed out that the office for our minister was the half-way room for those who were too afraid to commit to the big room; they would gather there and talk. Have you ever been that scared about your life?

She pointed to the kitchen and said that is the first place she ever did service for anyone or any organization. She continued to recall important spots in the building where healing moments along her journey occurred. It was a beautiful journey, accompanying her on her memory of acknowledgment of her personal progress.

Then she said that where the podium currently is, is where she and her husband renewed their vows, sober together for the first time.

I am the most lucky person on the planet at this moment. To witness someone sharing their story of recovery in such a powerful moment in her life. I could feel her growth in the few minutes she reminisced and shared. Then she gave me a hug. A beautiful moment for sharing.

Especially at this time when we are about to move away from this space because the owner is allowing all tenants’ leases to expire without renewing them. To know that this space for at least 15+ years has been used for healing is powerful. It is nice to know that this healing energy will continue to spread into the new uses of the property.

This is what I call a real moment with a real angel. I had to read a book called Real Moments by Barbara DeAngelou while studying to become a licensed Science of Mind practitioner. It was about having those moments in life that you remember; that impact you on a deeper level. Those moments when two people drop facades and connect from the heart.

[An aside: There’s a graphic that Frank Natale used to use, facetiously called the fried egg, that describes our crust which develops over time that serves to separate us and others from our true selves and each other. I’ll post about it sometime – and do a class about it; personally powerful stuff.]

This was the perfect reminder for me that day of my own progress from my troubled background. Once in a while it is important to acknowledge ourselves for the evolution we have made in this lifetime. Surely we are not the same person we were 10, 20 or even just 5 years ago. I certainly hope not. Quite often we get ‘stuck’ in the gotta-do-to-get mode in life and forget to pause and take stock of how good life really is.

When was the last time an angel visited you?


A wedding – Friends – Eufaula, OK

Wedding Cakes
Wedding Cakes

It’s 4:00 am on Saturday and we have to get up to drive north for a wedding. Last night it rained so much that I-35 was closed north of Austin. I sit in the car, put my three fingers together, relax, imagine a protective bubble of energy around the Tahoe and visualize a safe, easy and enjoyable trip. Six and a half hours later we have arrived in Eufaula, Oklahoma checking into the Eufaula Inn. We are here for a friend’s wedding at the Longtown Full Gospel Church. It’s not Hankamer, Texas but I recognize my southern roots in the people’s demeanors and beliefs, the small town and all that goes with that. Take a deep breath and be here for the groom, I tell myself.

It is 1:00 pm and they are ready to start. They say that every wedding has a story. Well, Dan and Anna have a story. It has been raining here for days and the power goes off… exactly at the beginning time of the wedding. With the power goes the piano music that was being played behind the maroon sheers that hang behind the podium for the activities. Dan’s grandmother offers to play the acoustic piano but the people in charge do not go for that. They decide no music and no candles. They open the door to let the warm and humid rain-filled breeze to waft through the quickly warming sanctuary. This should be fun 😉

A lady uses a small flashlight to read her introductory statements. The flashlight is passed to an elderly woman who has the bible and commands the wedding party to walk down the aisle. Select parents and grandparents come down the aisle with no music. Children next. In silence and tropical humidity the groom is sweating at the front as everyone rises and watched the bride walk down the aisle. The ceremony was nice with many cameras flashing to capture the moments.

A sweaty groom and obviously warm bride now take many of the required pictures. Afterwards we all walk a few steps from there into the hall where they have prepared a meal. With the recliners, boxes, cabinets and folding tables around the plywood framed room I am reminded that we are in a small town church. We enjoy a good meal and watch the presents being opened followed by the toss of the bouquet and garter.

Then, as if on cue, as soon as the garter is tossed by the groom, the lights come back on. The gods do have a sense of humor.

Sunday morning we are going to meet Dan’s family and new wife for breakfast before we drive back to Austin. I walk out and see that I have a flat on my car; new tires and I have a flat. Oh well. That is changed and we have breakfast. We drive back to Austin. I stop in a small town and get some fruit and vegetables from a roadside stand. She gives me a ripe peach; that is sooo good. That is one of the things I loved about living in Ventura/Oxnard, California. I would stop at a roadside stand on my way home and get fresh everything for dinner. That doesn’t exist here in Austin except for the once a week stands.

At least the drive back was only in eighty percent rain. There was one bad accident and lots of slow downs due to rain. My safe bubble around the car and visualizing a safe journey worked. We arrive home Sunday evening. All in all, it was fun and worth the thirteen hour drive in two days.

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Quick Success from Silva Mind Body Healing

Tai Chi
Tai Chi

Led by a goal, following intuition.

This is called effortless manifestation. If I would allow myself to do more goals this way… what fun would that be?

I had a result from the Silva Mind Body Healing class. During that class I set as a goal to find a movement (aka exercise) that I would totally enjoy doing. As many recent students know I am currently in week seven of a self-prescribed minimum of three months detoxing, cleansing and eating strictly vegan.

I set this goal of finding the most perfect movement for my body that I would enjoy doing. Well, fast forward to the Tuesday after the class. I went to the south Austin Time Warner Cable office to exchange cable boxes. I left and was driving up South First street heading to the post office and I saw this sign that caused my car to drive into a corner shopping center.

I swear it. My car turned itself into this center when I saw the sign: ‘Qi Gong’ 😉

I thought, innocently enough: I want to go talk with them about what this is. I have had a curiosity since I first heard about it. But sometimes in my life I let my logical mind analyze to paralyze; then nothing changes. Hmmm. I have gotten a whole lot better with that one.

I had no inkling of doing a thing about it. I just wanted information; feed the logic. I signed up for six months of Tai Chi. Evidently this is the basis for learning Qi Gong. I just had my second lesson this evening. Loving it! Loving it!

As Graham was talking to me about it, showing me some moves and telling me how he had healed a heart problem that he was born with, I was reminded that through my spiritual training I have learned healing through spiritual mind treatment. Through my training with the Silva Method I have learned  healing techniques using my mind and hands. Maybe it is time that I learn to move the life force energy even beter through physical movement and learn from a system that has been around for thousands of years.

So I followed my instinct that day and turned in ‘just to inquire’ and ended up being led to my goal: the most perfect way to move my body with purpose as I continue to cleanse, detox and release unnecessary weight. Who knows where this may lead. I’ll just enjoy the journey for now.

Wanna join me? Monday and Wednesday evening 6:45 to 7:30 pm.

It’s bring a friend week: You can come for free Monday, September 7 and Wednesday, Sept 9. Let me know.

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Silva Mind Body Healing class days 2 & 3

Feeling Lighter Already
Feeling Lighter Already

Well, the week got away from me. I ended up volunteering to be the evening host for dinner Tuesday through Thursday since there were so many people who have never visited Austin. Sam, the director from Australia said that he had never eaten Mexican food; sacrilege. Tuesday evening we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant – Din Ho Chinese BBQ. Wednesday we went for “healthy” Mexican food at Vivo and Thursday to Hula Hut.

At this point in class I have chosen more than 20 holistic health goals. I have written out a description of this. We continued the class by focusing our awareness on healing and increasing the wholeness of our different bodies. We all have four main bodies that comprise the wholeness of our life experience and expression. These are the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

An interesting point that Laura made was that we can all see the development of our physical bodies and can measure, in general, the development of our mental body. However, when it comes to a lot of peoples’ development of their emotional and spiritual bodies they/we are lacking. Maybe this is because we cannot see the effects like we see our physical body. We do not see the development of our emotions. They are ‘seen’ through our reactions and responses in relationships. And since people are not schooled that they are supposed to keep shaping and improving their emotional body many people do not address this. School does not address this. Families are supposed to. But how many people come from a family of emotional intelligence? <Excuse me. Let me pick myself off the floor from falling over laughing.> And, quite often, we leave our spiritual development up to some authority in a religion that does not give us personal empowerment in this arena. We are supposed to leave this up to someone else’s interpretation.

Like I tell people about the Silva Method classes: Learn to direct your own mind because there is always someone else who is very ready to direct your mind for you… for their agenda. Don’t let them.

I acknowledge a man named Frank Natale, The Natale Institute, for first teaching me that I had an emotional range that went beyond anger or “I am fine”. That is the range that my family of origin taught me. It does not get you very far in life. Through my intense trust of Frank I went through a deeply moving, sometimes very difficult process of learning that there are many nuances of emotions. I trained with him and another of his teachers for years AND I apprenticed with them for some of that time to do what he did. I understand the beauty of our emotions and how they guide us as a feedback system telling us where we are in life. Even more importantly, we can/do generate our emotions to be in alignment with our chosen goals in life. This is called creation. An ever-increasing adeptness at generating emotions that correspond to already having your goals directly corresponds to your skill at manifesting.

I found it interesting that Wednesday morning I had some release of emotions that was very subtle. It happened without cue, randomly. I recognized that it was just old unnecessary energies being released from me. The class was working – the healing process.

In the class we learned some healing techniques, center of the galaxy, soul mold and others. In fact, I had immediate feedback for the class from a lady who had had an accident who repeated a portion of the Silva Life System class in San Antonio a few weeks ago. We did one of these techniques Tuesday late morning. She knew I was in the class and I had told her I would do what I can while there. She emailed me that night saying that at that same time she all of the sudden had a burst of energy and clarity to work with the rest of the day. Makes you go… hmmm

I am very pleased with this new Silva Mind Body Healing class. It is a very beneficial class. Some of us teachers will be suggesting changes and ideas so that Laura can complete it and get it to work in a two-day format. Then we will be trained to teach it. I’ll keep you posted.

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New Mind Body Healing class


I am attending the Silva International Conference this week in Austin.

The new Silva Mind Body Healing class is today (Monday through Wednesday). Then “The Lost Sense” class is Thursday. Then the weekend conference is Friday afternoon through Sunday.

I have to admit that today surprised me with the amount of self-realizations that occurred during the three different mind-directing cycles.

We began the day by writing down at least 20 Holistic Health goals and writing out a description of who we are as a vibrant and healthy person. Then we did what is necessary for any effective functioning of the mind: Relaxing Mind and Body.  Laura Silva, the president of Silva International, is teaching this to the public for the first time. In that relaxation exercise we created a vibrant vision of each part of our body shining with healing light. With typical specific style, which make the Silva Method so effective as a manifesting and healing system, we focused on specific body systems and areas.

I felt subtle shifts in my body throughout the rest of the day after this one.

We then looked at good stress and bad stress and the 5 core emotions that stress triggers in people: hopelessness, helplessness, abandonment, rejection, things are out of control. From there we identified the specific events and triggers in our lives that we react with anger and fear. After this we did a mind cycle and re-programmed our minds to respond in the same situations. Of course, we use directed and focused imagination at the proper brain frequency to reprogram our responses to triggers.

The last exercise we did was in a mind cycle where we identified a belief that is hampering any progress, identified the origin of the beliefs and reprogrammed that belief.

Wish me luck


To Michael Jackson… a Bright Bright Star Amongst Us

I scheduled today as a day off for me. With my increased busy-ness teaching on weekends I needed a day of rejuvenation. Of course, my slow day is writing some blog posts, doing some announcements and a few other things like writing a talk I’m giving in San Antonio this Sunday.

But today is set aside to cleanse my body and to honor Michael Jackson.

I am doing one of Dr. Joseph Huerta’s One-Day Detox Teas to cleanse my liver and get my body alkaline again. And I am watching the memorial service for Michael Jackson. Of course, there are tears involved when I’m cleansing and remembering someone who had a huge impact on my life… from a distance, yet seemingly from within.

We are one year different in age and I remember One Bad Apple; I always had to hear that song on the radio when I was 10/11. Then fast forward to me living overseas when his Thriller album and music video came out. I actually bought that black jacket with inlaid red that he wore in that video. I wore it proudly; why did I give that away? I danced to all of his songs in various cities in the US, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Austria and other places.

Then when he and the other star singers sang We are the World with all the heart possible for all the world to be as one… Another song I requested be played over and over from Houston radio stations… and shed tears many times through it.

And I say ‘then, again’ as he was always topping himself as a creative genius and a bright star for the world… but when he sang Man in the Mirror. Oh my God. I was in the process of doing some deep deep soulful searching with a master teacher at that time… and this song was the lyrics of personal growth, personal responsibility and personal empowerment… leading to world enrichment.

How can such a bright star be taken from us so soon?

Did it shine too brightly and burn itself out? Is that even possible? I don’t think so. It’s Divine Timing.

He was a powerful spiritual being on this planet singing the way for all peoples to be as a family to each other. And we see how well the world responded to this challenging concept; challenging to our fears, that is.

He was a bright star, is a bright star and will always be a bright star through his legacy of creative genius, his songs with lyrics of inspiration and his willingness to be as he was created to be: A loving, caring, shining bright star.

Bless you. You are loved!

I want to say ‘I love you’ to him even though I didn’t personally know him. Then I remember what Frank Natale used to say. When you tell someone that you love them you are actually saying that you love who you are when you are with them.

So, I say to Michael Jackson:
I love you for showing me how to love myself through your artistry and your essence.
Bless You. Be at Peace.