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Challenge Yourself

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12 steps for Self Care

Love and take care of yourself. Then you can serve those you love.

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Speak What You Want Into Reality. Your Words Have Power!

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Crystal Bowls Meditation Cocoon for Deep Relaxation & Meditation

Quartz Crystal Bowls

                                                                        Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Theme: Energies Materialize as Manifestations

All of life comes from the nothingness full of love. All of life returns to this loving field of nothingness.

Bring one goal/result/feeling/material item you truly want. Place this in this field for manifestation. Then relax into it knowing the opportunities and new ideas will come forth showing you the way.

These 99.9% quartz crystal singing bowls will create a cocoon around and within you for you to go deeper than before into meditation. Insights, healings, realizations, pain release, deep relaxation and so much more has happened in my 31 years of doing this in multiple states.

My journey with the crystal bowls and ‘What they say’ is on the site: http://thoughtcreates.com/html/what_they_say.html

Sample of playing crystal bowls

Remember 2 important things:

Life is constantly conspiring on your behalf to bring you
Your Highest Good and Your Best Life!
That is Life’s Truth & Promise for you to Accept.

Your most optimal mindset: Relaxed, Focused & Full of Joy!

Facebook event

Manifestation Meditation

                                                                  Come join us & bring a friend or 3

Suggested $20 donation. Donate what you can if funds are tight

Crystal Bowl CD

                    Crystal Bowl CD


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Who are you? Define it before the world defines you for you.

Who Am I?

Who are you?

Are you your body?

Are you your emotions?

Are you your spirit?

Are you your career?

Are you your confusion?

Are you your limitations?

Are you your dreams?

Are you your fears?

Are you your joys?

Are you your wounds?

Are you your gifts?

Are you your failures?

Are you your successes?

Are you your life story?

Are you your marriage?

Are you your single-ness?

Are you your weight?

Are you your poverty?

Are you your wealth?

Are you your actions?

Are you your missteps?

Are you your mission?

Are you your purpose?

Are you your vision?

Who do you define yourself as?

Define who you are before someone else does it for you

Then, THAT is who you are.

Define yourself beyond the limitations of your story and all above.

It is your unique life. Not anyone else’s business!

Who you are is your choice. Stop living other people’s life they want you to be.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind that within each atom that makes up your being, you are 99.9999999999999% space.

Keep in mind that you are birthed out of the nothingness in life and will return to that loving nothingness.

Keep in mind what brings you joy and passion. What is it that you do where time disappears and you are wholly into that?

Keep in mind who and what brings you love.

Create Who You Are

Once you have defined who you are, a blueprint for life will unfold for you to follow

Take contemplative time and connect with the you within you. Write it out as you decide who you define yourself as. Read it and embody it regularly and you will then see who you are. Then, people will see your true self.

This will make it okay for other people to do the same.

This world will be better for everyone defining themselves.

As Love,


If you want a trained outside observer to help you see yourself contact me. There are specific exercises that will help you.

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License Spiritual Counselor

Received my renewed license as a spiritual practitioner card and my 10 and 15 years pins. It’s been 19 years helping people this way.

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Meditation Unconditional Love

big cloud heart 1172x520

Love in the Sky, Nature, You, Everywhere and Everything

Meditation – Unconditional Love Mother’s Day May 12, 2019


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Clark Cook Healing Testimonial

This is a personal success testament and a thank you to Lamar for the positive and undeniable results I experienced after attending a recent healing session with Lamar in Austin, Texas.

I was one of 7 persons in attendance and can honestly testify that there was “something different” about this session that was unique and transforming for me and, by observation, the others as well. 

After Lamar conducted short interviews with each person to obtain the nature of their requests for healing, he performed a spiritual mind treatment separately for each person.

The energy in the room was palpable and seemed filled with the promise of Spirit. Just by remaining open and receptive to the words of Truth Lamar spoke, I felt as if all in attendance were affirming along with Lamar on behalf of each other.

My request was for healing my right hip, which was becoming uncomfortable with beginning stage deterioration.

After the treatment, and these weeks since, the pain has not returned and I have enjoyed full range of painless motion!

Thanks, Lamar! Thank you Spirit!

Blog post about this Spiritual Mind Treatment Healing Circle

Blog post with Special offer

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Wow! Healing Circle was Alive with Energies

Healing Energies


I had the pleasure of leading a spiritual mind treatment healing circle last Sunday (4th Sundays of the month). It went beyond what has ever happened before.

Everyone felt the energies in the room and stirring within them. One man couldn’t move for 15 minutes and had to process it all. The room we were in heated up considerably. When done, I walked into the other room that was about 10 degrees cooler.

One man who had come to avoid lower back surgery told me today that it worked. His pain level went from a 12 to a 2 so that now his chiropractor can do the healing in that way.

Another man, on Monday, told me his degrading right hip was no longer hurting him; stays the same today.

This was something special. I have had those strong energies when doing private sessions and I am so glad all that energy runs through me so I get some of it as it’s on its way to the recipients.

Love heals. Energy heals. The body is designed to heal. I just help it along some

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Business Client: Philip R Berber, Founder and CEO of CyberCorp


Client taps into the answers of what his new business idea is and how to carry it out. Since he has the ‘right’ answers, he has a major payday – Sold his business for $500,000,000.

Crucial Role of Preparation for Your Business Success

“I am a client of Lamar Irwin and benefited greatly from the personal training and counseling services that he provided me over a period of four months in 1996.

“Lamar has applied himself for most of his adult life seeking, training, and exploring and practicing what I would describe as the leading edge techniques in personal growth, evolution and transformation. He was a student of many of the leading teachers in this arena. I decided to become a client of his based on a feeling of trust and comfort – a decision more of the heart than the head – largely because prior to engaging his services I could not perceive the process nor the benefits that later arose.        

“At the time I was at the embryonic stages of starting a computer software firm and equally, personally, was seeking to connect with my inner self, needs, wants and direction.

“We focused primarily and initially on my business and my goals, aspirations, dreams for it. We also addressed issues and challenges that I faced along the way. On one level was worked on a very practical and pragmatic level. In parallel and as part of the process he allowed me to connect with a higher level – of awareness and consciousness.

“At the time CyBerCorp had one client and two employees. Today, six months later, we have twenty clients around the US and employ seven people. At the start I invested $1000. Today, following a private placement, the firm is valued at $1.6 million. I know in my heart and head that the seeds of such growth arose in part from the sessions that I had with Lamar and how he allowed me to connect at deep and powerful level with an “inner me” that had latent potential and desire.

“On a personal level we spent much time “bringing up”, reflecting upon and connecting with who I am and what I want. In fact connecting with my real and inner needs and wants was one of the most powerful benefits of the process – my business, wife, children, employees and customers all benefited – and so myself. An inner dream of running the Austin 10K arose – and I completed it in 50 minutes last month!

“The process itself involves sitting and relaxing, connecting with Lamar and oneself by way of releasing the breath and looking directly into Lamar’s or one’s own eyes in a relaxed manner, letting go of the thoughts that surround us. And then simply connecting with and discussing, from the heart not the head, the thoughts and feelings that come up. This is combined with the use of a video camera and TV screen with is used to measure and show you how your face and eyes are responding to the process. The difference and improvement is both physical and personal.

“My advice to anyone considering whether or not to engage Lamar to provide his services is to listen to your heart, be sensitive to and trust your feelings, for without, and/or prior to, working with Lamar it is likely that one cannot understand nor perceive the process nor benefits. This is because you are unlikely to have experienced such a process before. I highly recommend Lamar – the man, the professional, the trainer – to you.”

Philip R Berber
Founder and CEO

A few years later, he sold his company to Charles Schwab for $500 million

Article in Austin Business Journal – Schwab buys CyBerCorp for $488M

Finding these answers is an interactive and unique process
A few details

One particular example stands out working with Phillip. In one session he knew that he wanted to move office space. I focused him to tell me what mattered to him in the office space. One of the things was that he wanted a particular style and a certain nature scene outside his office windows. He called me up a few days after our session, excited that he had found exactly what he had described in that session.

In one session he wanted to determine if he should keep his workers as contractors or make them all employees. He got a very clear answer that he wanted to help to take care of his people so he converted them to employees.

My approach

I do not have the answers for your business! You are in that business because of who you are. I know that you have the answers for how to make it as good and big as you want it to be. I do not believe that you should try to fit you and your business into someone else’s template for success. That approach tends to not work for the long haul. And definitely does not bring forth the creativity of the business person.

My job is to assist you in finding those answers. I have spent 30+ years learning human potential skills to assist people in finding their own answers, no matter what the questions. In fact, having specific questions tends to bring about specific answers.

This technique finds answers from the intelligence in your body. I use a video camera to take a video of the person before and after the method is applied. You tell me what you want to know. I provide feedback to what is going on in your facial features, your breath, and your energy. I ask questions that focus on different intelligences within your body. This rare process brings up answers and ideas that have been there all along. The most often emotion I see is the person is shocked and excited having never considered that idea or answer.

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Feed the ego or NOT

We are either operating from our ego where we know everything, aren’t open to new ideas, and may be defensive


We are operating from our intuitive mind where we ask for and receive new ideas, listen well, and make wise decisions


We have developed a healthy balance to use both as needed.

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Imagination play

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Special: Rise into a Unified Spiritual Field to Rise Above Life Challenges

giraffe rise above it all

Rise Above It All in a Spiritual Field

Spiritual Mind Treatment puts you in the Infinite Field of Possibility.

I do this for you to travel on your path above the current challenge.

For any area of life that is a challenge, there exists a false idea that you are separate from the Supportive Love and Intelligence of Life. This is not really possible and any obstacle is a temporary appearance made from wrong thinking. When healed, that area self corrects to its natural, loving and abundant flow.

Phone/Skype Session: I listen. We discuss. Then I do a verbal, energetic and healing spiritual mind treatment to seal the deal.

Approximately 30 minutes

Current Special Rate: Reduced to $45 (tips optional). +$15 if you want it recorded and emailed to you.

Payments through PayPal

Contact me to open up to the natural flow of life.

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Live your Highest and Best Life and Do What You Came to this Planet To Do


Free to Live Your Best Life

What will it take for your frequency to increase so that you take flight and Live your Highest and Best Life and do what you came to this planet to do?

That is the Spirit I support in you.

Release the past.

Unify with your ONEnexx and GREATness.

Then surrender into that Knowing Loving Flow of Life that will guide you in all ways, always.

Instagram post at www.instagram.com/amomentswisdom

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Handle Your Ego's Resistance to Change

Ugly tree face

                                   The face of your ego when you are making a change in life

What is this resistance you experience when you go to make a change?

How many times have you had to stare down the ugly face of your ego?

How many times have you given into your ego’s ugly face?

How many times have your attempted changes failed? …Succeeded?

The ego presents its ugly face when you choose to make a change in life. This ugly face is a reflection of the old thoughts and feelings that kept you where you were.

This article is about shifting your perspective so that you make your chosen change despite the ugly face of your old tree-self.

It seems scary at times. It is scary.

Your brain’s design

Your left brain hemisphere hosts the logical brain functions while your right brain hemisphere hosts the intuitive/creative brain functions.

The logical brain is simply a huge database of everything learned while on this planet. Your awareness from this is called your ego. Your logical thoughts work their way through that database to reach logical conclusions; step by step. A well-trained logical function is of great value in life as we can relate to the physical dimension of life with greater ease and effectiveness.

The intuitive brain is the gateway to the consciousness of ALL ONE. Intuitive and creative thoughts just appear in your mind as if you made them up. They always feel made up because they come through your imagination. A purposely trained imagination is good for relating to the expansive consciousness and availability of intuitive and creative thoughts.

I am an electrical engineer and my logic has served me well. Then I began to develop my intuitive brain function through applied brain science. I had to wrestle my ugly tree face. It took a commitment on my part and a powerful mentor.

Your logical mind has never met a new idea it did not resist…
until it is tamed by you

The prime directive of your ego is to NOT CHANGE…until you tame it

Your ego knows how to handle all of your current successes, failures, loves, heartaches, pains, freedoms, fears, joys and sadnesses. When your ego notices you are going to change, it throws out the thoughts and feelings that will stop you from making a change. That is the source of the resistance you feel when you begin to change. Your ego knows you well and will initiate whatever thought, fear, belief, limitation, parental voice, etc that will STOP YOUR CHANGE.

It can be tough to hang in there in the face of the attack of these thought weapons.

Shift your perspective

How do you stay focused on the change you have chosen to make?

Recognize that the ego is throwing these ‘thought weapons’ at you because it does not know how to handle change. It weaponizes your old and well-practiced fears, limits, negative thoughts and expectations to use against you.

Your path is to realize these are actually presenting themselves for you to look at briefly while they are ON THEIR WAY OUT of your consciousness to make way for the new supportive thoughts, beliefs, faith, and expansiveness!

Stay with this perception and say “Adios my old friends. Thank you for getting me to this point in life.”

This sounds simple and it is not easy until you have developed this as a life skill.

These old thoughts, beliefs, and limitations are your old perspective. They served you in your past way of doing life. They no longer serve your new life choices. Let them go. They are trying to come up and out of you. Then replace them with supportive thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and a new paradigm.

Stop trying to kill your ego!

The previous way of looking at all of this is to conclude that your ego is causing these problems. It is said you should ‘kill your ego’, ‘let your ego die’, ‘the ego is your enemy’…and you wonder why it is such a struggle? You are adding to the resistance because you do not understand what is happening. With that perspective, of you against a foreign ego, of course, it will be a struggle to change.

An acronym for ego is edging god out. That is so self-defeating and does not make logical sense. If god created each of us, then the ego comes with the deal. That is like hating your left pinkie toe and considering smashing it with a hammer to get rid of it. Ouch. Not a good idea.

Your ego is necessary for you to relate to life, to stay protected and to develop and keep good and supportive habits, paradigms and beliefs.

Why would you want to kill it? Opposing any part of your self adds to your own struggles with change and with life.

All of you is designed for success in this lifetime

The ONEness field of life is the source of your intuitive and creative thoughts. It has a greater perspective from the Infinite Loving Field which contains all answers, guidance, unconditional love, and direction for you to live your best life.

The ONEness perspective knows all that is seen and unseen is from god, the universe, spirit, quantum field.

How can we declare the ego is not of god? It has its purpose. Tame it. Use it as it designed. It is a necessary part of your design.

All of you is designed for you to achieve what you came to this planet to do!

You are actually designed to receive a new intuitive thought, process it through all of the intelligences that are within you to then output it into your physical experience of life.

Awesome stuff, isn’t it?

Learn your design for greater ease, effectiveness and coming from love.

Reach out for help and live your best life.

I know how to guide, train and support people who want to develop Self-Mastery and use their brain and consciousness according to the grand design.

Inner Empowerment Engineer

Inner Empowerment Engineer.    Intent: We Uplift the Consciousness

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